Friday, August 14, 2009

Clinton Urges Progressive Push On Health Care, Shoots Down Euthanasia Myth

The Democrats need to muster up some of that GOP gumption from the previous administration. The Republicans pushed through bill after bill, regardless of public sentiment. Considering the recent votes on legislation, the Republicans have rallied, taking a position opposite their liberal counterparts, and have played political games playing up fears to try and sway the electorate, while at the same time playing the divisions within the Democratic party.

Certain conservatives have let the idea fly that the government would be sponsoring euthanasia to try and gather the necessary support to bully Democratic legislators into rescinding support from the bill, especially those who seek reelection in the following year.

How do Democrats expect to accomplish any of their goals if they allow outside parties to dictate their operation, and how do Republicans plan to succeed if they foster a culture of rejection, without establishing any reform of their own?

Is the status quo really worth it?

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