Wednesday, August 26, 2009

First "Gang Of Six" Member Backs Reconciliation For Health Care

The use of reconciliation is a dangerous move that can haunt Democrats next election. I find it peculiar for a procedural action to make its way into the debates, but it appears the conservatives have jumped on this newest headline, much like the infamous "death panels" and recent "death books", in their fight against reform.
Conceptually, majority rule sounds appropriate, but considering the opposition facing the legislation, I believe that the Democrats should avoid this option at all costs. Fox News is already telling Americans that Obama's approval is below 30% (using 'Strongly Agree/Strongly Oppose' numbers rather then overall approval), and they are telling their viewership that they represent the majority. For the Democrats to resort to a simple majority supports the belief that they lack support for their legislation, even though they may be able to get more than 50 votes.
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