Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Really... What is a Majority?

What is a majority?

It seems I hear from a lot of conservatives that they are the majority. Considering last year's election, a conservative majority must mean 46%, because that is exactly what the McCain/Palin ticket got. To believe that represents the majority would be delusional.

I have even heard that Obama's approval ratings have consistently dropped, with the newest figures I heard from the majority being 43% and 37%... and they told me it was true because it was on the news. Curious, I turned on my computer and typed away to every pollster's website to see the newest numbers and to my surprise, they hovered around 50%... maybe conservatives don't know how to read a poll, considering the only numbers I see are in regards to those who "Strongly Agree" and "Strongly Opposed", with those numbers being 31% and 40%, respectively. According to the Rasmussen Reports, overall, people somewhat approved of Obama's job performance by 49%, and Gallup polls over the weekend had that number at 54%. I am sure you can get a greater disparity in approval ratings if you focus on a particular issue (Health Care, Iraq, etc.), and I am sure that this is exactly what conservatives are doing.

Essentially, the conservatives have taken a course of action, engaging in perverse electioneering, playing with the numbers, blaming the liberal conspiracy, spreading misinformation or reporting incorrect data, and claiming they represent the public... and they do this while not offering any alternatives, so they appear to be not part of the problem, but the solution, but really they are the problem (I should state they are taking a course of inaction). To bad there are no God Samaritan laws in Washington to prevent our elected officials from not representing their constituents by playing political games that are downright damaging to not only the truth, but to our nation. Maybe then politicians would do something instead of being bullied by the conservative pundits that mislead the ignorant.

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