Thursday, August 27, 2009

The GOP Wants to Define Ted Kennedy's Funeral

This is interesting. The Republicans seem to get more hypocritical every day, and are attempting to establish a set of double standards, one for them, and one for the rest of us.

I assume that it was okay for the Republicans to hold their national convention in New York City in 2004, highly politicizing the event and exploiting the deaths of 2,819 Americans.

Although I disagree with the carnival that surrounded Senator Wellstone's death in 2002, and I hope the same does not occur with Senator Kennedy's funeral, to try and discount the funeral as nothing but a pulpit for health reform is ridiculous. Kennedy was known for advocating gender equality, civil rights, and yes, health care reform, and to try and exclude mention of such only because there is continuing national debate, would be wrong.

This would be the same as if President Bush were to pass away today, and Democrats cried that people could not eulogize about his commitment to this nation and national defense.

You may not always agree with the person or the message, but in my opinion, Republicans have to show a bit of respect.
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