Thursday, August 27, 2009

McCain Evicts Angry Woman From Town Hall

McCain had only stuck to his talking points during his town hall, and he stressed certain reforms, but he has not given specifics into what those reforms may be (he had introduced a bill in the senate to import drugs that failed). He had not done anything over his time in the senate to fix health care, even when Republicans had a majority... in fact, Republicans tried to cut Medicare in the past when they had a majority, and we all see how their deregulation had worked with the banking industry.

If the Republicans wanted to avoid the Democrat's reform, why didn't they draft a competing health care bill? Is it because Obama wants reform, and by giving him any kind of reform may be viewed as defeat in the Republican's eyes?

When yelled at outside his town hall about campaign contributions from the drug companies, McCain's response was "really? I didn't know that." Since 2005, McCain had collected over $5 million dollars in campaign contributions from health professionals, but to his defense, over 50% of the top contributors are financial businesses, the remainder being law firms and the government, so maybe the health care is not his top priority.

I do not see any real reform coming anytime soon from the Republicans.
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