Thursday, August 20, 2009

Obama's Radicals and Subversives Gain Government Posts

A lot of conservative opposition has voiced their opinions since Obama was elected, ranging from the insulting Limbaugh, the rude O'Reilly, and the idiotic Palin. We have heard of "death panels" and the move towards communism, so I figure I will dig through the internet to see what exactly conservatives consider to be Obama's communist death squad.

I had found a perfect start. Through my research, I had come across an article by Bob Ellis of the Dakota Voice, who had already cataloged the radicals and subversives Obama had appointed to positions. These people now have high ranking government posts to promote death, the homosexual agenda, and the undermining of the military. I figure I can name a few of them from his articles and see what I can find.

First he mentions Thomas J. Perrelli, who was nominated for Associate Attorney General. In case you were unaware, he represented Terri Schiavo's husband, eventually manipulating the courts to murder Terri by starvation back in 2005. He was also co-captain of the Fairfax All-County Math Team in high school.

Mr. Ellis then lists Elena Kagan for Solicitor General, a reported "lesbian and a radical proponent of homosexual rights" who supports gays in the military.

Thirdly, Dawn Johnson was nominated for Office of Legal Council. She apparently worked for one of the most radical, liberal groups out there, the American Civil Liberties Union. I never realized that protecting the rights of Americans was a radical idea. By that logic, our founding forefathers were radicals for fighting for all that was outlined in the Bill of Rights. I forgot, she also does not define a fetus as a person, and differentiates between fetal rights and the rights enjoyed by people. I actually disagree with Johnson on this matter, and believe that the fetus should be protected, considering it is genetically a human that is developing through a symbiotic relationship with a pregnant woman, but everything else Mr. Ellis believes to be a radical view is just preposterous.

Mr. Ellis had a lot to say about David Ogden, who was nominated for Deputy Attorney General. Apparently he is also for abortion, the sexual and medical rights of adolescents, sodomy (based on his involvement of the case Lawrence v. Texas, where he filed a brief supporting the homosexual defendants) as well as homosexuals in the military, access of pornography for children, the protection of pornography producers to shoot material without verifying their actors and actresses are 18, restriction of capital punishment on minors, and in the acceptance of foreign judicial opinions in American courts.

There are also the countless other subversives, such as Harold Koh, who currently serves as Legal Adviser for the Department of the State, who believes what he calls "transnational jurisprudence", and like Ogden, believes America does not have a monopoly on liberty, equality, and privacy, and should incorporate lessons learned from the international community, and Rosa Brooks, adviser to Undersecretary of Defense for Policy Michelle Fluornoy. Rosa Brooks was an ardent critic of President Bush, as well as American military action, such as the surge in Iraq. Did I forget to mention that she is a "crony"of George Soros? I also forgot to mention Soros, who according to the drawing I found outside my polling place depicting Obama being lynched by a couple people, who claim Soros controls the Democrats and Obama is only a "puppet".

Most recently, I have been told that Obama had nominated a Weather Underground communist buddy as the green czar. He is also an un-American environmentalist extremist and his name is Van Jones. Jones admits that he was a communist, and reports have shown that former Weather Underground supporters have contributed to Jone's groups such as the Apollo Alliance, Green for All, and Standing Together to Organize a Revolutionary Movement (STORM). Because he had connections with such radical groups, and because of his environmentalism, he is an enemy of our capitalist system, and his appointment is just a display of Obama's true colors, much like the placement of activist judge Sotomayor on the bench.

Basically, the only good nominee must be a god-fearing free market capitalist conservative who hates gays and foreigners, pornographers, communists, women, Earth, minorities, economists, pregnant women, math, and anything else that does not conform with the right wing of the right wing.

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