Monday, August 17, 2009

Sarah Palin Claims Victory On Death Panels: "Gratified"

This is just another instance of Palin indulging in her Orwellian interpretations (shall we remember her "vindication" after her ethics investigation and her views on the First Amendment during the campaign).

I too at first thought it be best that Sarah Palin leave the national scene, but keeping her around does more harm to the GOP than good, although they see it the other way around. She is throwing out falsehood after falsehood, and the media is constantly shooting them down, like wolves being hunted from a helicopter, with only the GOP base as a positive sounding board.

Sure, she would convert some independent voters to her warped ideology, although the "I" word better associated with those people is "ignorant", but she would solidify the intelligentsia... you know, that group of people that were ostracized during the last 8 years, such as the scientists spreading hocus pocus disguised as global warming and evolution "theories", or god forbid, an alternative to the Patriot Act or No Child Left Behind (with both being aptly named).

The one problem with that is the GOP develops superior bullies, and they will stop at nothing to knock the taped-up glasses of the American public off into the mud.

Lets just hope Palin continues to tote around, and exploit, baby Trig with her, although there is a great possibility that Trig will grow up to say something of far greater substance than his mother ever would... wait... now that she is no longer governor of Alaska, who will pay for her to bring her spawn around with her? Maybe one of her slush funds.
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