Thursday, August 27, 2009

The U.S. Postal Service: A Winning Model For Health Care?

It seems that a common argument against health care seems to be pointing out the inefficiencies of existing systems; it is taking too long for dealers to receive their cash for their clunkers, Medicare is going bankrupt, the post office raised stamp prices...

But when it comes time to fixing the problem, everyone looks the other way. Congressmen don't want changes that may negatively effect their district, but they support these programs. Republicans say they want to reform health care, but they do nothing to change it, and then fight by claiming they are the defenders of Medicare, a system they traditionally hated, but because the elderly are a large voting bloc, they tuck their tails between their legs, like a subservient dog, only to go back to Washington once elected to again act like the alpha male.

The administration needs to consider tough love, and when the time comes, renegotiate contracts with the post office to reduce costs and supply Americans with better services, and Republicans need to do the same and step up to the table to work out some meaningful health care.
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