Thursday, September 10, 2009

Glenn Beck Warns Of People Like Hannity, Beck: Stay Away

Glenn Beck says in his book Common Sense in his section titled "Enemies Within: Tread Carefully":
Being honest about your principles means that there can be a real debate on the issues, with the chance of real progress being made.  It's not just the political class who has mastered the art of deception.  There are other potentially deadly masters who will seek to exploit your frustration and sense of desperation.  Many will warn you of government tyranny; they'll talk of secret societies, vast conspiracies, shadow governments, and the need for violent action.  I urge you to stay away from these individuals and those ideas.  There is no "star chamber" that needs to be found and destroyed, and there is no global conspiracy playing out.  The individuals and groups that propagate those lies have their own agendas, but, like all radicals and revolutionaries, they will eventually seek to impose their rules and lifestyle on all of us.
On Sean Hanniy's program, he can be seen discussing shadow governments, as seen here:

On Glenn Beck's program, he has constantly referred to Obama's administration being run by a shadow government consisting of czars.  Here is a clip:

To his defense, this clip is from June 9th, 2009, and his book was published June 16th, 2009, so maybe he did not have a chance to read his own words, or simply forgot what he wrote.  Should America believe anything that comes out of their mouths?  They speak of one thing only to preach another.  They warn of shadow governments only to promote the idea.  Essentially, Glenn Beck has written in his book that he cannot be trusted.

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