Saturday, October 24, 2009

ACORN, The WFP, The GOP, And Hoffman

Updated October 25th, 2009.

Conservative Party candidate for New York's 23 District, Doug Hoffman, has called upon Barack Obama to revoke ACORN funding and for the Justice Department to prevent the Working Families Party (WFP) from interfering with the congressional election.  Taking the viewpoint shared with numerous other conservatives, Hoffman believes that the WFP is a political arm for ACORN, and considering the bad press ACORN has been getting, by association, the WFP is also corrupt, in which Michelle Malkin refers to as a "socialist outfit"..

Indeed, the WFP was organized over ten years by a coalition of unions and community organizations, including ACORN, and is co-chaired by Bertha Lewis, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Organizer of ACORN.  The WFP's party platform focuses around jobs, health care, education, and the environment, but because of New York State's fusion voting, the WFP has not been a sole backer of the Democratic Party, but has endorsed candidates of various other political affiliations, including Republicans (although true "conservatives" would beg to differ that such Republicans are conservative), such as George Mariarz, Republican state senator for New York's 62nd district, but most recently, the WFP endorsed Barack Obama, and regarding the race for the 23rd district, many conservatives are upset that Dede Scozzafava had at times embraced WFP's ballot line.  Also add into the equation the WFP's association with the SEIU, and you have a political target for conservatives.

According to Hoffman, Scozzafava is a candidate of the radical left and married to organized labor, so she must have known all the sleaze ACORN was involved in, in which Hoffman references ACORNs willingness to establish prostitution rings and defraud the government.  Scozzafava's relationship with the WFP is questionable at best, and the WFP's relationship to ACORN raises questions as to whether their actions involving this congressional election are criminal.  Hoffman believes Scozzafava must answer for her alleged liberalism, and believes she is not a Republican and does not hold true the values of the party that brought us Teddy Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln, and Ronald Reagan, although I would question Hoffman's grasp on history since the WFP seems to have a better understanding of policies supported by both Roosevelt and Lincoln.

It is also interesting that Hoffman cries for Scozzafava to "disavow her relationship with the WFP, condemn ACORN for its actions and come clean on her and her husband’s dealings with the two entities," yet when this question was raised by those on the left regarding Sarah Palin's husband's union ties to the oil industry, where Todd Palin was an employee of British Petroleum, which was under contract with United Steelworkers Union (USW), which would have contradicted GOP principles, since the USW backed the Obama/Biden ticket last year, conservatives believed this argument was invalid because Todd was not running for office and Sarah was a maverick.  As Scozzafava's campaign spokesman, Matt Burns, points out, "the New York State Conservative Party has endorsed more than 80 candidates in the last 10 years that also had the WFP endorsement. The very crony who hand-picked our opponent to run made those endorsements."

If Hoffman expects his wild associations to be evidence of wrong doing, then he himself must be subject to those same rules, but it seems he is taking the Glenn Beck-Orwellian approach to politics.  Considering the right's affinity for using Nazi imagery and conspiratorial syllogisms, they would be familiar with the suppression of various other non-Nazi political parties to further their nationalistic agenda.  The hijacking of the GOP by a bunch of jingo bohunks is no different, and considering their claims that the left is fully capable of undermining the constitution, then it is completely plausible, using their standards, that the right is equally capable as well.

Voters, especially real conservatives, not those who claim to be conservative, should be wary of Hoffman and what he stands for, and should openly question his support of policial suppression in the name of conservatism.  Because the misinformation machine turned on to spin this election, with the divisions within the GOP on full display, it might be interesting to see what exactly Scozzafava has done.

According to Michelle Malkin, who is probably the prima ballerina of conservative bloggers, believes Scozzafava is too liberal because she supports abortion, gay marriage, tax increases, bailouts, and Democratic budgets, and shares a close relationship with organizations that have shown a life long hostility towards Republicans (ACORN).  Because of these points, Malkin, along with Hoffman, believe that Scozzafava is not a "moderate", but a part of the "extremest fringe".  If you would like to know a little more about Scozzafava, this site is quite informative, and discusses her record in detail, unlike Malkin's.  Even according to top Republicans, such as House Minority Leader John Boehner, who supports Scozzafava, with political operative Don Seymour stating of his boss that "Mr. Boehner takes very seriously his job of making sure we have Republican candidates who fit their districts, and can compete and win all across the country".  Can the same be said for Hoffman?

Hoffman is supported by such groups as The National Organization For Marriage (NOM), whose stated mission is "to protect marriage and the faith communities that sustain it," the Eagle Forum, which is a socially conservative anti-feminist group that opposed the Equal Rights Amendment, and various other pro-life groups, such as New York State Right To Life Committee, Susan B. Anthony List, and Concerned Women, which also considers Hoffman to be pro-family as well. I'm sure if I did some research, I could find some of those unsavory associations the right has about Scozzafava and the WFP.

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