Friday, November 13, 2009

51% Of Populace Now Against Troop Increase; Obama Had Kept Prior Troop Increase Promises

With 42% of the population wanting to increase troops and 51% of the population prefer keeping the number of troops the same or begin reducing the number of troops, it makes you question whether General McChrystal and the media storm on Fox that followed his request is what the American public wants.  Even considering just the number of people who wish to reduce troops, it outweighs those in favor of increasing troops by two percentage points.

If you take into consideration of the "no opinion" percentage, then it is safe to assume that these people would swing in either direction the government takes, so you could look at the matter as saying 49% want an increase while 58% want no change or reductions.  Either way, those who want more are in the minority.

Some claim that Obama would be going back on his campaign promises, but if those same right-wing pundits recall, Obama had already increased troops in Afghanistan.  On February 17th, 2009, Obama had issued an order to send two additional brigades to Afghanistan.  He ordered a Marine Expeditionary Brigade during the spring of 2009 and an Army Stryker Brigade during the summer, but some of those chicken hawks on the right don't think that is enough.  Obama's recent perceived hesitance (from the right) seems to only rile the feathers of those who align themselves with the GOP, which has tended to have strong relationships with the military, due to their support, although it is ridiculous to believe that Democrats would more willingly harm the military then their Republican counterparts.

Considering the severity of the matter, committing even more troops to a war, and one that is more popular then the one in Iraq but still unpopular with the American public, taking time to make a well-informed decision seems appropriate.  Just ask President Bush and his decision to go to war...

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