Friday, November 13, 2009

Hoffman Camp Perks Head At Absentee Ballots

Just when you thought that New York's congressional district 23 election was over, something new develops... 

Beware, for the Hoffman camp is awakening again, with reports that absentee ballots are closing the gap between him and Democrat Bill Owens, and if they somehow put him ahead, they will come back demanding to be the true victor of the district (and as could be expected in a situation like that, they will subsequently ignore the opposing constituents in the district and legislate more like the Taliban).  Currently, the Hoffman campaign is monitoring the recanvassing of the votes, with Hoffman spokesperson Rob Ryan saying "Who knows? We may have a shot."

For Hoffman to win, he would have to win roughly an unrealistic 75% of the returned absentee ballots, but as many have noticed, anything is possible, and I am certain the ultra right is perched, waiting for anything that gives them reason to come out.

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