Friday, November 13, 2009

SEIU Beating - Manufactured By The Far Right?

Making news on such conservative propaganda machines like Andrew Breitbart's Big Government earlier this week, I have recently started to hear about SEIU employees beating someone by the name of Kenneth Gladney.  For those who were not aware, SEIU has been targeted by the right, and in particular Glenn Beck, for being a mob like outfit for Obama, and has close ties to other perceived threats to conservatives, such as the super dangerous community organization, ACORN, so naturally, one should expect a story like this to emerge, but is it true?

According to the Big Government website, there is an article by Capitol Confidential, which indicates "anonymous sources in the halls of power at the federal, state, and local levels," but fear not, for Big Government double checks these sources and provides them with "the cloak they need to reveal the truth," but they obviously don't fact check, so one would question what exactly they do double check.

Apparently, this is a story that has been ignored and covered up by "politicians, unions, local papers and the mainstream media" and could not come at a worse time for Democrats, who face dipping approval ratings, although there is no evidence of that, considering recent Gallup Poll averages have Obama at a 53% approval rating, which is a drop from his all-time high of 69%, but considering he has been hovering around the 50% mark, last seeing 60% in July, doesn't indicate the public has shifted much.  Author Capitol Confidential calls this beating a "travesty of justice", but to me, it smells more like right-wing conspiracy in the making, considering they offer no proof, and just layer on assumption after assumption, and as we all know the popular saying, never assume, for it makes an ASS out of U and ME.

The author claims that the police report is "unambiguous", but reading it, something just does not add up.  The report states that victim said that the SEIU worker reached across a table and punched him in the face, but then grabbed him from behind, where he was taken to the ground and struck numerous times by unidentified numerous people, but the officer did not observe any facial injury.  Although a couple of witnesses concurred with the account of the assault, these same people were engaged in arguments with the suspects at the time the police officer arrived, so it would be safe to say that their account may be biased.  Considering the officer noted there was a crowd of people, these "witnesses" were the only ones who had agreed to wait to make a statement.  There was a supposed third individual, but nobody could identify him.

Apparently, this is some cover-up, that stretches all the way to the top, otherwise conservative news would have never picked it up.  To back up proof of SEIU thuggery, Mr. Confidential posted a video, a poor quality video that is extremely dark, in which the the person making the film claiming a volunteer for Organizing For America hit her, although all I was able to see was a zoom in of a woman's face, the camera shake, and then the girl repeatedly yell "Did you just hit me?"

There is a problem with anonymity in journalism, especially when involving stories with great implications such as corruption and widespread fraud, and that is issues of credibility and legality, with some anonymous claims being made with no supporting information to verify claims or additional independent sources to back up any claims.  Increasingly, we see this method reporting on conservative media outlets, such as Andrew Breitbart's sites, or more popularly, Fox News, where Glenn Beck encourages anonymous whistle blowers to come on his show where he could shield them from their enemies.  Maybe the Republican party would not have become a minority party if their news outlets engaged in more ethical practices of reporting, and I believe that they will surely see a backlash if they continue.  It may not be immediate, and they may see a victory or two, but their level of incompetence will eventually shine on through.

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