Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Nobody Loves Obama

It seems The Wall Street Journal has nothing better to write about these days.  An article by Peggy Noonan, titled "He Can't Take Another Bow", insists that nobody really loves Obama.  She claims that Obama has lost the support of those who elected him into power.  Her article's name is a reference to his recent bowing to the Emperor of Japan, and she claims that Obama's administration is void of "wise men" to help get him out of trouble.  She states that even Richard Nixon or George W. Bush had their core 20% that still loved them, but she questions whether Obama still has that group of people.  She compares Obama to Gerald Ford, and uses the image of Ford stumbling on the steps of Air Force One to imply that Obama's policies are not rock solid and that the presidency is bigger then he is.  For Peggy Noonan, Obama is destined to become the next Jimmy Carter, which the right seems to love to hate.

Noonan question's Obama's bow, saying he does not have a firm grasp on protocol, but then she continues to say that a bow may have been appropriate if accompanied by the appropriate headline or that the status of the nation determines the message of the bow.  She states that the Obama photograph paint a picture of an "incompetent" man.  Apparently the Democrats are engaging in the same thought processes that the Republicans have had for the past several years, and that is to ignore criticism because history will prove otherwise.  She had apparently assessed this all from ten months of the presidency.

Noonan writes her piece as if it is fact, but it is all based off of assumptions.  In the beginning of her article, she cites a journalist from a Politico piece, who is often a "sympathetic chronicler of Democratic figures," who states that before, many people held Obama in an unrealistically high view, but have now come to the conclusion that Obama is not "the person of integrity and even classiness they had thought."  Noonan does not really come out and say she hates Obama and he is failing, but she comes pretty close.  She uses the new journalism of the right, which basically is a statement followed by a question: "It is reported that nobody loves Obama, right?" 


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