Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Absurd Video Regarding Obama And Faith, Made By Christian Extremists

Why am I always surprised by crazy conservatives?

While reading, I came across some pages that were interesting. On, there was an "Urban Legends" section. The two I was reading involved Obama, with the first involving Obama stating there were 57 states and that he was actually referring to Muslim states, and the other was to whether Obama was secretly a Muslim. What surprised me was that there was a poll off to the side that asked whether I believed Obama was a "stealth" Muslim. I answered "no" but the total responses surprised me! 41%, over 30,000, of the respondents actually said "yes" while 50% said no. I was almost certain that the number who actually believe Obama was a Muslim would have been far lower. Here is the poll:

I came across this while I was reading a blog and someone left a comment linked to another website called, which had a video called "Obama Mocks & Attacks Jesus Christ And The Bible / Video / Obama Is Not A Christian" and basically showed video clips of Obama quoting the bible and then attacking Obama for his use of the bible. On the YouTube page, somebody referenced Obama's "57 states" comment as an attack. I have actually heard this argument from some of my coworkers, with some actually saying it as if Obama believed it. Not hearing it myself, I looked it up online, and I was just surprised by how many crazy conspiracies and attacks exist out there that are completely baseless. Maybe I expect too much from these people...

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