Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Big Government Makes Claims Regarding "Fiscally Conservative" Europe, Despite Right's Claims Europe Is Socialist...

Why is it that conservatives praise the very thing they use as evidence to attack the current administration? I am not talking about news of Republican legislators attending ribbon cutting ceremonies for projects funded by the stimulus that they were against. I'm talking about how the right will say one thing one day, but then say a totally different thing on another day. What made me think of this was a small article from Big Government.

In the article, titled "We Ought to Join the EU," by Morgan Warstler, he makes a comment that "it has been great fun watching old socialist Europe become fiscally conservative over the last eleven years as every member country must hold deficits to 3% of GDP," yet these same countries which have become "fiscally conservative" are also the same countries with socialist health care that is bankrupting those countries. The argument just does not make sense. How can these countries be a warning of things to come should America adopt universal health care legislation when by the author's own admission, they are "fiscally conservative" and must hold deficits down? What makes them different from America?

If you use the right's logic, the only way to achieve a successful fiscally conservative health system would be to adopt policies from Europe, but the right has consistently attacked the Obama administration for being too socialist, even though European countries scoff at the idea that American policies are socialist, so one would have to identify the problem as being Republican in nature, with their obstructionist actions standing in the way of true reform. Republicans stand in the way of establishing a fiscally conservative universal health care system, and if you want a perfect example, just consider some of the proposed cuts to Medicare, in which the Republicans attacked, even though the proposed cuts were to battle waste and help create a deficit neutral plan. If Europe is so fiscally conservative, maybe the right should just submit to the Democrat's plans regarding health care, among other things.


  1. Republicans did submit, e.g. the voters of this country voted Democrats into supermajorities in the House and Senate and THEY didn't pass health care "reform". Why didn't they?????

  2. Actually, health care was passed by the House and the Senate. The matter currently at hand is taking the two bills and making them into one. Passing reform is a work in progress, in which the Republicans seem to have been trying to prevent for the past year.

    Every chance they get, they call to scrap the bill and start from scrap. Every time concessions have been made, the Republicans seem to look the other way, claiming bipartisanship to be a political ploy. The Republicans did not "submit". They are simply throwing a tantrum until they may get their way. The reason why the bill hasn't been finalized is because Democrats have been attempting to appease the GOP when they should have just knocked this thing out of the ball park instead of walking the bases...


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