Friday, February 5, 2010

The Census Attacks Reignited

It seems the right have latched on to another census-related story, with this time involving the $2.5 million census ad during the super bowl. Many from the right have attacked the census before. Michele Bachmann insisted that census results could be used to put Americans into internment camps and Glenn Beck suggested that people would be fined for not filling out one. Michelle Malkin believes that the census is being propagandized by the left and will be used to ensure they remain the majority party and now the folks at Big Government are weighing in, attacking the price tag associated with getting the message out.

While I understand the concerns, the right seems to be taking the position that it is not the government's responsibility to inform Americans of the census. Gregg Knapp from Big Government wrote the following: "I understand that our constitution requires a census every ten years, but it does not require we waste our money advertising for it. You don’t turn it in – you’re not counted. Next!" It seems the conservatives are never happy. They take a position against the census because the government, headed by Democrats, is administering the census. They advise people not to take the census, attack the government for trying to inform people, and then insist that the government should count heads by simply going by data from only those who return their forms. I don't know about you, but that would make for some inaccurate polling. Go figure... the right is way to familiar with that.

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