Saturday, February 6, 2010

Fiscal Conservative Against Earmarks? Not Senator Richard Shelby

The Republicans would like you to think that they are against federal spending and that they are all fiscal conservatives. They attacked both stimulus bills under the Bush and Obama administrations as nothing but pork, they support retaining the Bush tax cuts, and want a balanced budget while attacking deficits under the current administration. It's funny how the GOP have changed their narrative over the past couple years.

One of their strongest senators, Ted Stevens from Alaska, had pushed for a $385 million "Bridge to Nowhere" project that even fixed spending stalwarts like Sarah Palin once supported, but as soon as Obama was sworn in, any proposed federal spending was a waste. Republican governors and representatives who accepted or supported stimulus funds were RINOs and were just another cog in the progressive machine. Elected officials who negotiated on health care were corrupt, which led to James O'Keefe and his buddies to fraudulently enter a Senator's office with intent to do something. So what makes Senator Richard Shelby interesting? He has put a hold on 70 federal nominees while demanding roughly $40 billion in earmarks for Alabama. Where are the cries from the conservatives now? Why aren't the teabaggers marching on his offices right now?

The answer is simple. The tea party is not completely against federal spending. They are simply against anybody but themselves spending federal money. Spending even a dime of money touched by the opposition party is like abdicating any conservative credentials earned. What Senator Shelby is doing amounts to extortion, and makes him guilty of what the right accused Mary Landreiu of doing. Where are the conservative activists trying to get into his telephone closets? Where are the calls from Bill O'Reilly, Glenn Beck, and Sean Hannity claiming Shelby is a hypocrite?

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