Sunday, February 7, 2010

Huckabee Claims Republicans Not Responsible For Stimulus, Democrats All To Blame For Spending Woes

I just got home and flipped on Fox News, when I noticed Mike Huckabee was on instead of Glenn Beck. Curious, I decided to watch. During the program, Huckabee had a segment where he responded to emails. One in particular had caught my attention. The email asked Huckabee why people are not reminded that the Democrats were in charge of the Senate since 2006 and that the Democrats were in charge of spending the past 4 years (and past 2 of Bush's term). Huckabee responded that the Obama administration needs to stop blaming the previous administration and accept responsibility, stating that Republicans were not the ones to pass the stimulus bill. He went as far as to state that the stimulus bill had nothing to do with the Republicans. I would like to point out that Huckabee is incorrect.

31 Republican senators voted on the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008, with the House voting 263-171, including 91 Republicans voting "yea", which was subsequently signed into law by President Bush. The second stimulus bill had gone through the House with zero Republican votes and the Senate with 3 Republicans, but that would still invalidate Huckabee's statement.

I assume the next question Huckabee was going to answer was why people aren't reminded that there were no terrorist attacks on America during the Bush administration.

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