Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Chris Baker Uses Derogatory Homosexual Term Towards Liberals

On Wednesday, Glenn Beck substitute Chris Baker called for Republicans to run on a platform of repealing the health care bill and impeaching the president, but in doing so, he referred to liberals by a derogatory homosexual term.
You guys, you bed wetters and pillow biters, you go ahead, go freak out.
According to, a "pillow biter" is a "derogatory and offensive slang term for a male homosexual viewed as a practitioner of anal-copulation or sodomite."

I am reminded of the anti-gay smears made by Big Government bigot Jim Hoft, who had written numerous attacks against homosexuals in the past. I had written back in December of last year of Hoft's promotion of the "Fistgate" stories and the blatant hatred directed towards homosexuality. Chris Baker may claim ignorance to his statement, but the fact of the matter is he is a hatemonger. This would be like someone calling a black man a "nigger" and then claiming to not know what the word meant.

Good job Baker. You are doing a good job at keeping Beck's seat warm while he is out.

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