Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Democrat Calls For Congressional Pay Cuts

Democratic Representative Ann Kirkpatrick of Arizona introduced a bill last week to cut pay for members of Congress by 5 percent.

"I'll tell you, there is nothing like asking the people you work with to take a cut in pay and see the concern on their faces," Kirkpatrick told Fox News on Monday.

The bill has already begun to gain bipartisan support, gaining 21 cosponsors from both parties, and being considered by two House committees. "The last time Congress took a cut in pay was 77 years ago. I don't know anyone who has not had a pay cut in 77 years," she said. While the savings may seem miniscule when compared to the federal deficit, the bill stands to save almost $5 million a year.

The most interesting part of this bill, in my opinion, is that it was introduced by a Democrat. Where were all the fiscal conservatives clamoring to reduce their pay these past few years?

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