Thursday, March 18, 2010

Democrats Begin To Step In Line

It seems more likely that health care reform will pass this week, with several House members already switching their vote from their preliminary decision last fall. While it is believed that Speaker Nancy Pelosi is a few votes shy of the 216 needed, it appears that the recent changes are appealing to conservative Democrats. Blue Dog Democrat Rep. Bart Gordon had indicated that he would be voting for the legislation, stating the following:
In November, I said I hoped the Senate and House could work out the difference and produce a bill I could support - one that takes responsible steps to make health care more affordable for our economy and for our families and small businesses. If I and each of my 534 colleagues in Congress had been able to write our own health reform packages, we would be looking at 535 different bills today. In the end, the question I'm faced with is this: will this reform be better for Middle Tennessee than the status quo? I think it will. That's why I believe passing meaningful health care reform is essential and why I have made my decision to help ensure health care is affordable for Middle Tennesseans today and for generations to come.
The Democrats must obviously be getting closer to success because Fox News seems to have been ramping up their attacks against the administration's efforts, as can be read here and here, as a last ditch effort to stop any progress.

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