Monday, March 15, 2010

Dick Armey To Tom Tancredo: "Tear down that wall."

I wanted to highlight a little bit of some conservative infighting today. Former Majority Leader Dick Armey had some harsh words for fellow Republican Tom Tancredo, calling him a "destructive" force on the GOP and stating that when he was Majority Leader, he made sure to keep Tancredo off the "stage," so that he would not profess the anti-immigration ideology of the right. This is not the first time Armey had been at odds with the party. From a September 28, 2006 article from Right Wing Watch, Armey was noted as attacking the "demagoguery" of the right embracing numerous hot button issues. He had previously insulted Tom Tancredo by calling him a "cheerleader of jerkiness in the immigration debate," but this long standing feud is interesting to me only because of the emergence of the Tea Party on the right, with Armey heading FreedomWorks, which was behind last year's Tea Party Tour. The Tea Party movement has built itself up on the backs of the fringe right, who typically hate immigration, and while Armey may have had a more open view regarding the subject, his positions may alienate some of those die hard supporters, like the people who believe Obama is a Kenyan-born Muslim...

We can only hope that more conflicts develop amongst the right's leadership, splintering the already fractious right wing, causing the GOP to try and pick it's battles to court it's base...

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