Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hannity, Conservative Cannibalism, And Hypocrisy

Steven Crowder wrote a blistering defense of Sean Hannity on Big Hollywood yesterday, attacking the attacks made against Hannity for criticisms over his involvement with the Freedom Alliance, pointing to fake conservatives as the culprit, claiming that Hannity wouldn't gyp soldiers and their families because he is a real conservative.
The sad fact is that there are some “conservatives” out there who have carved themselves out a nice little niche through doing just that. It’s not hard to do, after all leftists love conservative turncoats. If they can have a conservative mouthpiece making their arguments for them, so much the better.

If you’re a “conservative” however, and you get a majority of your traffic from the Huffington Post or the Daily Kos, at what point do you cease being a conservative? When no right-of-center network, website or blog wants anything to do with you, at what point do you ask yourself; Is it me?!
I thought Crowder's article was lame for two reasons.

One, it is basically Crowder's personal praise of Hannity, calling him "one of the most-stand up guys" he knows. Crowder states Hannity is "absurdly generous, charitable, honest, and gracious to his fans, and a tremendous family man," and that if more conservatives were more like Hannity, as in "less like pseudo-intellectual journalists hell-bent on destroying our own in order to 'gain the moral high ground,'" then America would most likely be a better place, but when you consider the rest of his article, in which he attacks those "pseudo-intellectual journalists," it would almost sound as if he was attacking his own kind, making Crowder a "cannibal conservative."

He writes that the attacks against Hannity are baseless and that attacks against his buddy were refuted "through real reporting and reliable sources" and that "friend of a friend" reporting doesn't count, which is interesting, because that is the only type of reporting Crowder's boss Andrew Breitbart, as well as Breitbart clone Glenn Beck, participate in. While he states "all leftists love conservative turncoats," I am reminded of Glenn Beck's disastrous interview with Eric Massa, in which Beck, a conservative, tried to get a confession from who he viewed as a "liberal turncoat."

Basically, Crowder is filled with "conservative" blindness and plenty of hypocrisy. After all, his character reference of Sean Hannity is nothing more then one of those friend of a friend accounts, and the report that he cited as refuting claims against stand-up guy Hannity, that was basically friend of a friend stuff too. After all, the report is by a couple people that looked through IRS documents and compared what they found to other charities.
There are other questions of course: After all, only a small portion of the money spent on tickets to “Freedom Concerts” is received by the Freedom Alliance. If say a $40 ticket yields a $4 donation to Freedom Alliance, we can’t vouch for what happens to the other $36. Some must pay for rent of the stadium for example. We have only the written record and what we could find by asking questions.
So the other question might be: "Where is the remaining portion of the ticket sales going to?"

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