Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Hypocrite Palin Used Canadian Health Care

Sarah Palin had recently admitted at a Calgary appearance that the Palin clan would cross the border to take advantage of Canada's single-payer system. Her response: "Isn't that ironic?" I believe the correct term would be "hypocritical."

Palin, a harsh critic against President Obama and the Democrat's push for health care reform, has constantly attacked the Canadian system, stating that abysmal government administration and rationing, will bring down the American system, and that the passage of the President Obama's plan will bring Canadian style "death panels" and poor quality care to America, but apparently Canadian care was better for Alaska's first family then, well, Alaska's health care system.

I hope all the Palin propagandists hear loud and clear that their pretty, pretty princess is nothing but a liar, who is willing to exploit our northern neighbor's excellent health care system while leaving the rest of America to fend for themselves. I bet Palin didn't realize news travels pretty fast nowadays, especially with the internet. I'm sure the spin cycle will be on heavy come the following days.


  1. So will Beck and Hannity "report" this hypocricy like they do on their attacks on the left?

    What gets me is that none of her supporters will even hear of this or find some sort of excuse for it.

  2. Something must be in the conservative water since Limbaugh recently cried about how he'd leave the country and head to Costa Rica if the health care bill passes....even though Costa Rica has universal health care too? Maybe it's just the fact that they hate America so much.


  3. "Isn't that ironic?" I believe the correct term would be "hypocritical."

    No one could have said it it any better than this. Well done.

  4. I don't understand why Rush would want to go to Costa Rica...

    In the past decade, tourism in Costa Rica has increased, with eco-tourism having the largest increases, by an average annual rate of about 20-30%. Eco-tourism is one of those "liberal" vacation spots, where socially and environmentally conscious travelers get the satisfaction of visiting exotic locales while having the personal satisfaction of knowing no negative impact was made on the environment, such as paving a rain forest to build a resort and amusement park. I imagine Rush's presence will be much like the aliens in the Charlie Sheen movie, The Arrival...

    As for Palin, it appears that the new wave of conservatives hate America, but their hate for the liberals trumps their hate of America, and so they must lie about their hatred towards this country in order to win converts to fight against their rivals...

    I'm sure Rush would have been happy to get his prescription drugs that he abused from Canada...

  5. From what I have been told, this is a misunderstanding regarding Palin. Apparently, she attended Canadian medical facilities as a child, before their eventual downward spiral into socialized health care...

    To use Glenn Beck's style of argument, such as "Van Jones was once a communist and shall always be a communist," Palin admittedly crossed the border for care once, so this gives substantial proof that she most likely had crossed the border subsequently as well. Either way you look at the matter, her family saw that health care was adequate elsewhere...


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