Sunday, March 7, 2010

Romney Ignores MA Health Care Similarities To National Overhaul, As Well As Federal Correction Of State's Failures

It must be nice to have selective memory. Mitt Romney simultaneously blasted Obama's plan for national health care reform while dismissing the similarities between the president's reform and the one he enacted as governor of Massachusetts, claiming that this is a federalist nation, and that decisions such as sweeping health care reforms, should be left to the individual states, but being the hypocrite that he is, defended federal money used to implement the state's reform stating that the funds were "entitled" to Massachusetts, simply because it was part of the disproportionate shared program and that other states were receiving the payments for care of the uninsured, but to me, it seems that Romney is biting the hand that once fed him. According to Romney, while the federal government has no authority to expand health care, the federal government must pay out to states that do wish to have such protections for their residents.

As another interesting example of hypocrisy, on Fox News Sunday, Romney supported the idea of an individual mandate, calling it the "ultimate conservative plan" - something that President Obama has included but congressional Republicans attacked at unconstitutional. Romney also claims that the federal implementation of health reform will not work like the similar plan he put into place as governor, even though the federal plan has safeguards to prevent disproportionately high premiums, something Romeny's plan had failed to accomplish.

It appears obvious what the real issue is for conservatives, and that is the federal government has no place to insure the quality of life of it's citizens, but the states do, and by Romney's logic, can with federal money, so basically, Republicans don't care where the money comes from, despite all this talk of fiscally conservatism and protecting the deficit, and that their real point of contention is that Democrats are the ones that wanted to do it first nationally, not themselves.

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