Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Breitbart Attempts To Provoke "Protesters," Hypocritically Doing What He Accused The Left Of

Over at Big Government, there is a video posted showing Harry Reid supporters throwing eggs at Tea Party buses while Andrew Breitbart stands in the middle of them filming, mocking the protesters every bit of the way, claiming that they Reid protesters are violent and that he has done nothing to provoke them because he is simply standing there...

While I do not condone the throwing of eggs, I find Breitbart's little stunt to be interesting, because the right wing media had pretty much dismissed any claims Democrats had against the Tea Party for yelling derogatory comments at Democratic legislators, like Rep. John Lewis or Rep. Barney Frank, in the past.

Of those events in which conservatives were guilty of acts of violence or hate crimes, the right turned their head. Breitbart claimed Rep. John Lewis was "lying". Breitbart had also said that Congressional Black Caucus members were "searching for that racism" by walking through Tea Party crowds.

So, is Breitbart trying to show that things are different when he does them?

Out of curiosity, I wonder if those protesters are actually protesters.  I wonder if those are paid employees of Breitbart to act like Senator Harry Reid supporters.  Considering Breitbart's other slimy tactics used to try and discredit the left, I wouldn't be surprised.

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