Monday, March 8, 2010

Ridiculous Assertion ACORN Videos Not "Heavily Edited"

It seems Andrew Breitbart's Big Journalism should be renamed Big Farce because it offers no real journalism, just a collection of opinions of some right wing hacks, who forgo journalistic integrity for political low blows. Just ask Christian Hartsock of Big Journalism, who whines about ACORN, claiming the left has been shifting their narrative against opponents of the organization, changing their angles, whether it be that James O'Keefe's videos were racially motivated or that that the videos were "heavily edited," which I assume Hartsock placed in quotations to insinuate that the videos were not doctored and what you see on the tapes really happened. He even goes as far as to suggest that Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes is in ACORN's back pocket, merely because he was endorsed by the Working Families Party. By that logic, the Tea Party movement, as well as the Republican Party, must be racist, bigoted, sexist, or any other adjective simply because some organization endorses them over the Democrats.

Hartsock states that the left possesses "no tangible evidence" proving the videos were not "heavily edited", but what is ironic is Andrew Breitbart's repeated statements that he will release the full videos publicly, but has yet to do so, instead pushing his "complete" transcripts, which as far as we know are not "complete." Hartsock's rebuttal to claims that the videos have been spliced - "No they weren’t," but he also goes on to state that recent revelations that O'Keefe was not wearing his garish pimp outfit into the offices are irrelevant, even though they are evidence that the videos have been edited.

It is also laughable that Hartsock attacks the criticisms of James O'Keefe's and Hannah Giles being recognized as investigative journalists, but I would believe that in order to achieve that status, one would have to offer extensive documentation, not some edited videos and cut scenes in costume. Not to mention the denial of proof that there were instances where the duo were thrown out of the offices and had the cops called on them.

Big Journalism is the biggest laughingstock of the journalistic world, and I don't know why I visit the site, other then to see what preposterous notion they are currently peddling...

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