Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sen. John Cornyn Calls For Partial Repeal Of Bill Proving The Legislation Did Have Bipartisan Support, Despite The Votes

From an article at The Huffington Post:
In the wake of the passage of health care reform, nearly the entire slate of Republican senatorial candidates seems ready to run on a repeal of the bill. But now, the lawmaker overseeing their election strategy is softening the message. Rather than promising to scrap the bill in its entirety, the GOP will pledge to just get rid of the more controversial parts.

In a brief chat with the Huffington Post on Tuesday, National Republican Senatorial Committee chair John Cornyn (R-Tex.) implicitly acknowledged that Republicans are content with allowing some elements of Obama's reform into law. And they'd generally ignore those elements when taking the fight to their Democrat opponents as November approaches.

"There is non-controversial stuff here like the preexisting conditions exclusion and those sorts of things," the Texas Republican said. "Now we are not interested in repealing that. And that is frankly a distraction."

What the GOP will work to repeal, Cornyn explained, are provisions that result in "tax increases on middle class families," language that forced "an increase in the premium costs for people who have insurance now" and the "cuts to Medicare" included in the legislation.

The remarks seemingly put Cornyn at odds with the head of all Senate Republicans, Mitch McConnell (R-Ky), who signaled on Tuesday that he would support a legislative effort by fellow Republican lawmakers to fully repeal the health care bill. Cornyn himself had previously suggested that he'd support a full repeal campaign as well.

The senator's comments on Tuesday also included a push to restore funds for Medicare Advantage -- an odd political moment, considering the GOP's self-promotion as the party that trims the fat off entitlement programs.
What i think is interesting is that the Republicans had been unwilling to pass this legislation, branding it as completely detrimental to the fabric of America, but now some Republicans are slowly changing their story, agreeing that some parts of the bill are good, while others need to be removed entirely, but it seems that the GOP is going for an all or nothing strategy, this time, wanting the nothing to be any Democratic contribution, while taking ownership of the parts they like.

Considering the Republicans attacked the bill as being solely authored by Democrats with no Republican input, and then the Republicans saying they want to keep some parts, it sounds as if the bill had some bipartisan support. The Democrats like some points while the Republicans like others. Combine the two and you have the current bill. Congratulations Cornyn. You just admitted the GOP is one big fraud.

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