Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tea Party Protest Signs: RNC Blacks Out Its Involvement (PHOTOS)

From The Huffington Post:
Last week, The Daily Caller's Alex Pappas reported that the Republican National Committee was "paying for signs and political buttons used by Tea Party groups" for today's "Code Red" protests against health care reform.

As Pappas pointed out, the RNC's involvement here was a bit of a thorny issue, given that the Tea Partiers haven't been quick to allow themselves to be subsumed within the greater Republican establishment. But if you see the signs today, you might end up missing the connection to the RNC entirely. That's because the RNC took the unusual step of covering up its involvement. David Weigel of the Washington Independent reports that a black sticker has been placed over the RNC's label at the bottom center of the signs. Apparently, this is a cunning enough stratagem to keep protesters from discovering the RNC's involvement.
This article demonstrates just how dishonest and disingenuous the Republican Party really is. For the party to exploit the Tea Party movement to advance it's own goals while simultaneously trying to distance themselves from the lunacy that the Tea Parties represent is ridiculous and illustrates the lengths the GOP will go to preserve the party, not the voice of conservatism.

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