Monday, March 15, 2010

You Gotta Love Alan Grayson

You gotta love Alan Grayson, the Democratic congressman from Florida. Conservatives hate him because he has the guts to actually stand up to their lies and misinformation, granted sometimes failing to do so diplomatically, but as a constituent of Grayson's, and one who voted for him, I feel satisfied with my vote and feel that my voice is getting heard. When Ric Keller was in office, I felt that my voice was overshadowed by corporate interests, but I feel that my concerns are better addressed under Grayson.

With that being said, I would like to point to the most recent exchange between Sarah Palin and Alan Grayson. Palin, speaking at a the Lincoln Day Dinner at the Shingle Creek Resort, made a couple stabs at the politician. From past stories involving the congressman, Grayson is not the type to take an attack lying down. From The Huffington Post:
Sarah Palin, the former governor of Alaska, ventured to the Florida district of Rep. Alan Grayson on Friday, and urged voters to oust the Democratic lawmaker.

"Do it for the rest of America," she said in a speech to the Orange County Republican Party's annual Lincoln Day fundraiser. She claimed to have such strong feelings about Grayson that she declined to get into specifics to avoid offending her children.

"Alan Grayson. What can you say about Alan Grayson?" Palin, the former GOP vice presidential nominee, asked the audience. "Piper is with me tonight, so I won't say anything about Alan Grayson that can't be said around children."

She opened her speech by saying that she was glad to be able to be so honest in front of the crowd about her love of America and freedom -- because, apparently, such positions can be a political liability if they become widely known. Palin's America-loving, however, was captured on a grainy hand-held video and is now part of the indisputable public record.

"It's good to be in a group like this where we can be candid and open about our pride in America and never think that we have to apologize for being the greatest country on earth and God bless you. If you love your freedom, you do think of that," she said.

The Grayson campaign is now giving it back to Palin, saying that he was impressed she was able to fit his entire name on her hand.

"I look forward to an honest debate with Governor Palin on the issues, in the unlikely event that she ever learns anything about them," Grayson said. His campaign added that "[s]cientists are studying Sarah Palin's travel between Alaska and Florida carefully. They hope to learn more about the flight patterns of that elusive migratory species, the wild Alaskan dingbat."
As the Orlando Sentinel points out, Palin's speech was filled with political rhetoric but little substance. She points to energy independence and increased drilling, but does not offer details on doing so off the coast of Florida, a hotly debated issue in both the State and the nation.

What did her supporters have to say?

"I love her morals, her character and the way she says what she believes," said Connie Albers. Morals? Character? Like the ethics probe that found Palin abused her power while governor of Alaska? It seems that Palin had created a kind of cult of personality, where supporters like who she is, and by proxy, her views. What are some specific positive morals and character traits that Palin has? I can't think of one...

I thought Grayson hit the nail on the head with this one:

"I'm sure Palin knows all about politics in Central Florida, since from her porch she can see Winter Park. It's just another example of outside interference — watch for it, there's been plenty already, and much more to come."

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