Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Bill McCollum Uses Anti-Gay Zealot To Ban Homosexuals From Adopting

From an article by Michael Rogers from The Huffington Post:
This, of course is the same George Rekers that cable TV pundits comedians and bloggers have had a field day with after he was caught returning from a two-week European vacation with a male escort he'd hired from While rentboy (codename Lucien) says Rekers paid him for nude sexual massages, Rekers said the a 20-year old was only there to "carry his luggage" (see: "hiking the Appalachian Trail" and "wide stance").

Sure, it's fun to laugh at Rekers's hypocrisy and exposing it is another chink in the armour that the right wing has built around it. But the real story has little to do with an anti-gay leader hiring a male prostitute on; it's the story of yet another Republican elected official actively funding fraud with public money.

Here is how it played out: Bill McCollum needed "expert" testimony for a case in which he defended Florida's ban on adoption by gay couples. Unable to find a reputable witness, McCollum paid Mr. Haney - er, I mean George Rekers -- $120,000 in taxpayer money. This after McCollum knew Rekers was a long discredited ideologue that multiple courts had already deemed worthless as an expert witness.
This further cements my decision at the polls this year. I will not be voting for McCollum. Rogers goes on to right:
And now what does McCollum have to say about his hater-for-hire? "There wasn't a whole lot of choice." Wonder why?

Of course "there wasn't a whole lot of choice." Every credible child welfare agency and every respected researcher on the issue disagrees with Florida's adoption ban. That is why Florida is the only state in the country with a ban that says no matter how qualified to parent, no matter how loving a home a person can provide - that individual cannot adopt if he or she is gay. Florida law states: "No person otherwise eligible to adopt under the statute may adopt if that person is a homosexual."

It is the most notorious anti-gay state law in the country and it is the most spiteful kind of public policy that robs children of permanent loving homes. And this $120,000 scam is just a fraction of the millions spent each year enforcing this ban. Factor in the pain inflicted on children denied adoption and torn from their foster parents and the cost of Florida's anti-gay adoption ban reaches beyond what any of us can count.

"I will not do it again,'' McCollum told reporters yesterday, "I wouldn't do it again if I knew what I know today but I didn't know that then and neither did anybody else.''

He didn't know? Doesn't Google work in the Attorney General's office?
Rogers details past accounts of Rekers getting paid exorbitant amounts from other states to offer anti-gay testimonies. McCollum's use of Rekers is appalling.

How can I trust McCollum with heading the state when he can't even put the best interests of this state's childrens' needs ahead of his own politics?

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