Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Media Matters Versus Big Government

I recently noticed a piece on Media Matters for America, where Fox and Friends co-host Steve Doocy made comments on his Fox News program that Media Matters is "a blog nobody reads."  This comment had led me to do another of my MMfA site traffic comparisons.

Typically, I compare MMfA with Big Government, being that Big Government attempts to be somewhat of a right-wing fact checker, despite lacking facts.  I also compare MMfA with Big Government because the visitor traffic information is very enlightening.

So, to get started, I would like to point out unique visitors to the sites - MMfA beats Big Government by almost 40,000 unique visitors in the last six months.

The sites seem to be running pretty close, but when you look at overall visitors, Big Goverment has almost one million more hits.  While fans of the Big site may jump up in their chairs at this information, it shows one thing - Big Government has small audience.  They receive less unique visitors to their site and cater mostly to their repeat customers who seek information from a select number of right-wing approved websites, while those who visit MMfA are more informed, visiting search engines and other news sites.

If MMfA is "a blog nobody reads," why is Doocy spending his time talking about it?  Why does Beck feel the constant need to attack the organization?

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