Friday, December 10, 2010

Sarah Palin Interviews With Barbara Walters, Gets Facts Wrongs and Claims Victimhood Again

Barbara Walters revealed the rest of her interview with Sarah Palin for her "most fascinating people of the year"

When asked if she would run for president, she replied that she would, given that she was sure she would win. She also stated that she believed she could beat Barack Obama. Being that Obama is the current Democratic president and there does not seem to be any competition coming from his own party, and she believes she can beat him, Palin's comments seem to imply that she will decide to run. She also skirts around the issue of primaries which may indicate a third-party candidacy.

When asked about her thoughts on the opinion that she is uninformed, Palin swallows hard and does what comes naturally to her - blame the media. She claims that the media created her "polarizing" image. It couldn't possibly be her fault, right? How about her most recent jabs at liberals and conservative rhetoric on her so-called "non-political" TLC nature show?

In response to being uninformed, Palin again claims the media for misleading the public. Palin then lists what she was currently reading - a great book by Dean Karnazes (she completely mispronounces his name and fails to mention the title of one of his two books), C.S. Lewis for "divine inspiration" (I don't think Aslan can save her from this interview), Newsmax, the Wall Street Journal, and local Alaskan newspapers. I also thought it was interesting that her other two named readings included WSJ, which is owned by the parent company of her employer Fox News, News Corp., and Newsmax, which admittedly publishes a "conservative perspective" on the news, meaning it is a biased source for information.

By this point in the interview, Palin is visibly agitated, and when Walters mentions criticism that Palin's endorsements cost Republicans the Senate, Palin plays the victim card, attacking anonymous "boys" attacking the "hockey mom from Wasilla" - a brand Palin has painstakingly tried to cultivate over the past couple years. She called her critics "impotent," "limp," and "weak" for attacking her anonymously, "hiding behind somebody's skirts."

Palin claimed the Republicans were never close to winning the upper chamber. In regards to the GOP's chances in the Senate, Palin cost them Delaware, Nevada, Colorado, Alaska (although Murkowski stated she would caucus with the Republicans), and California, and if you consider the impact her primary endorsements made on the general election, Palin cost the GOP more then enough to win the Senate - Republicans gained six seats and needed another four to gain a majority.

Palin then goes on to talk about Todd and the rumors surrounding her family, including the one that Track went to Iraq to avoid jail and Trig is not her baby, but of course Palin just brushes these rumors off.

Basically, Palin gives an incoherent ramble to every Walters' question, attacking those who disagree with her and claiming to be the victim of some cruel game controlled by the media.

Watch the interview here:


  1. Palin probably saw Dean Karnazes' (not Karzo) book in a Barnes & Noble she was in during her book signing tour - she probably scribbled on her hand that it sounded like a good book to mention during an interview but unfortunately the name got smudged. Either Todd or Palin's handlers do a better job telling Palin what she reads or she will never be able to beat Obama in 2012... if she chooses to run...

  2. I wanted to point out that Dean Karnazes' nickname is "Karno."

    Was Palin trying to sound like a true "Karno" fan by using his nickname, you know, like when people call Robert Deniro "Bobby" or Paul McCartney "Macca?"

    If you ask me, she isn't reading Karno's books. Everything she said about the book is in the title: "Ultramarathon Man: Confessions of an All-Night Runner."

    Maybe Palin is getting really lazy Googling some responses...

  3. A sexist remark and double standard. If it was a man who said something about a woman's shortcoming, he would have lost his ground. Obama mentioned about lipstick on a pig and he was chastised for it.

  4. Excellent point about Obama's comment. It would be like attacking a female critic, claiming she is "barren" and is just trying to "wear the pants" in the family...

  5. Also, if the sources were anonymous, how would Palin know they are "impotent," "limp," and "weak" "boys" unless she knows their identities...

  6. Sarah Palin is a crude castrating b-i-t-c h; my opinion based on her belittling adjectives used in this interview.

    I hope Barbara Walters gets over her Palin worship after seeing Palin's crazy-eyes and hearing what ugliness came out of her mouth.

  7. Kevin, she's just projecting what she knows about Toad onto others. Much like she accuses others of doing when she's the one doing it. She's got the art of projection down perfectly.

  8. Yeah, of course she was trying to sound like an insider elite runner by calling him by his nickname. But she got the nickname wrong. Even stupider.
    But what's really telling is that Karnazes' books are terrible. Not any better than her own.


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