Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Student Riots In London - Big Government Blames Progressives

I thought this was interesting - Andrew Marcus wrote a piece for Big Government claiming there have been progressive riots taking place in London and that liberal Americans are trying to bring that kind of rioting to America.  In reality, the rioting involved students upset in a recent rate hike, increasing tuition caps from aproximately $5,000 USD to roughly $14,000 USD.

It is possible that some of the rioting individuals were progressives of some sort, and I do not condone their actions, but I found Marcus' post to be extremely ignorant.

"To Progressive revolutionaries, this social breakdown is not a bug, it’s a feature of their long-term vision for overthrowing the entire system," wrote Marcus.  "What you are seeing on the streets of London is exactly what America’s most radical Progressive leaders want to see here in the United States."

Could it be that students are upset that they are seeing their tuition costs almost triple?

Of course for Marcus that can't be it - these people are rioting because they are anarchists wanting to overthrow the kingdom...

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