Friday, January 14, 2011

Audience Applauds Health Care Bill, Attacks "Repeal" Nonsense At Ohio Republican's Town Hall Meeting

I learned of this video via Politics Plus - at a recent town hall meeting for a Republican representative in Ohio, Rep. Jim Renacci was confronted by one of his senior constituents who was displeased with the "repeal" rhetoric, pointing out the benefits people will receive under last years bill and stating his frustration with the Republican plan, which is rather vague regarding details for what will replace the Democrat's signature legislation should repeal be accomplished.  The crowd applauded the question-asker.  Renacci's response - he stuttered about how the American people elected a handful of Republicans into office to repeal the legislation, and while there may be some good things in the bill, it deserves to be trashed because the Republicans say so.

I think this video is interesting for multiple reasons.  As TomCat pointed out on Politics Plus, is that this appears to be a real town hall meeting and not a manufactured "grass roots" audience assembled by conservative interest groups.  Renacci spoke to his constituency, and when his constituency applauded the man defending the health care bill, or at least the notion of replace rather then repeal, and Renacci's response was to ignore the people and stick with the Republican narrative. 

Renacci's response was shameful.  He is guilty of what the Republicans and tea party accused Democrats of doing all last year - ramming unwanted ideas down the throats of America.  It is apparent that Americans, or at least the ones in Renacci's district seem to like that rammed-down legislation.  This video clip is promising and it is more likely then not that this wont be the first - Democrats better seize the moment and control the narrative for the next two years if they want to maitain control of the White House and Senate and win back a majority in the House.


  1. You are absolutely correct. The main problem with the Democrats was they appeared unorganized and were all over the place. As a result, the Republicans were able to seize the initiative because the Democrats could never call them out on their lies. The Democrats need to be very specific in this debate and try to bring some of the more popular provisions up for a specific vote. I doubt this will be possible, but they need to make certain Americans understand that the bill does not contain "death panels" and it is not a "government takeover".

  2. What also bothered me about Renacci is that he could not give one GOP idea that will replace the existing health care law.

    I wan't to hear a comprehensive replacement strategy from the Republicans. I don't think the health care bill is perfect - most Americans would agree with this - but I think it is better then what we had before. If they like certain parts of the bill, they should keep it, otherwise put up the unpopular provisions up for a vote and see where it takes us... but... the conservatives need to listen to their own criticisms of the Democrats and let America voice their opinion first, but again, as Renacci points out - the GOP have no interest in their constituents...


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