Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Palin's Cross Hair Flip Flop

Since the assassination attempt of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, Sarah Palin has made a fool of herself several times, either by her camp claiming the cross hairs on her map were surveyors marks or by using the anti-semitic term "blood libel" to characterize her victimhood.  With Palin's appearance on Fox News coworker Sean Hannity yesterday, Palin made a fool of herself yet again - those once familiar surveyor's marks one would find on a map were back to being cross hairs, and while Palin stated the controversial map was taken down from her political action committee website, they remained on her Facebook page.

Sarah Palin's spokesperson, Rebecca Mansour, was on conservative radio host Tammy Bruce's program ten days ago when she tried to explain away the cross hairs on her boss' map.

"I just want to clarify again, and maybe it wasn’t done on the record enough by us when this came out, the graphic, is just, it’s basically — we never, ever, ever intended it to be gunsights. It was simply crosshairs like you see on maps."

She then called it a "surveyor's symbol" and then pushed the blame away from Palin, claiming a "political graphics professional" made the map for them.

Now look at Palin's interview with Hannity - she claimed Democrats first used cross hairs on a map, referencing a 2004 map by the Democratic Leadership Committee that displayed circular targets over states, lacking the mention of any particular person, and then stated her PAC took down the graphic, while leaving out the fact that she left it up on her Facebook page.

If she is using the Democratic bullseye-map to justify her map of "surveyor's symbols," then obviously her map doesn't have "surveyor's symbols," but cross hairs, and her removal of the map from the PAC is only smbolic, being she still kept it up on her other page.  Maybe she thought noone would notice.

Palin then did what she typically does and played the victim card one more time, also claiming that her children have been targeted.

"I know that a lot of those on the left hate my message and they will do all they can to stop me because they don't like the message," Palin said.  "I receive a lot of death threats. My children do."

This is common - Palin claims her family has been the target of whatever, offering zero proof, and we are to believe her because she says it is true.  Remember when Willow Palin, one of Sarah's younger daughters, called a critic of her television show a "faggot?"

Like Palin's cross-hair controversy, Palin appeared on Sean Hannity's show saying people said "very, very hateful things about the family," even claiming the people online said "mean things about her little brother Trig," but if you didn't know then, that was not the case - Trig, or any other member of Sarah Palin's family, were not mentioned.

Andrew Sullivan wrote the following for The Atlantic:
And where is the reference to Trig in this thread? Nowhere. Willow, moreover, did not "finally" do anything. She jumped into the thread almost immediately, calling someone a "dumb shit" and another person "effin fat as hell." (The recipient of that comment revealed later that he has Crohn's Disease and the steroids he has to take make him overweight.)

Of course, this is a trivial issue and what kids say on Facebook is neither here nor there. But it does reveal certain things: the Palin children are clearly used to using the term "faggot" very easily, with minimal provocation. More importantly, Palin's response is not to take responsibility for her children's behavior, and not to apologize for the use of the "bad word" "faggot." Her response is to blame the media and to reassure her daughter that she was the victim in all this.
See the similarities between this situation and the last?


  1. Sarah is violating the first rule of holes. When you are in a hole, know you are in a hole and want to get out of the hole, you stop digging. She is simply a television persona coupled with extremely ignorant handlers. She and the other wingnuts have never realized that she already has her base, but every time she opens her mouth, she loses more independent voters.

  2. When Palin was chosen as VP, as an independent-minded voter, I approached her with an open mind. Every time she spoke it pushed me further away from McCain. McCain did a piss poor job at managing her and instead stood by her inane (and insane) comments...

    I like to give Palin the benefit of the doubt and think like her friend Glenn Beck is only playing a character, and that come 2012, she will realize she is unelectable and decide not to run, but until then, she is going to milk this and continue to be divisive... and she is going to claim she is the victim and the Democrats are fostering the hatred in this country...

  3. When John McCain decided to run for President, as a 40 year old moderate female who identified with the democratic platform socially, my vote for President was initially up for grabs, and I really thought I would vote for McCain. I liked his integrity, strength and wisdom and was willing to overlook his stances on some issues because after all, no candidate will ever be perfect, and I thought he would be a good leader during difficult times.

    When he chose Sarah Palin as his running mate, an unknown to me at the time, I initially thought it was such a smart move. The GOP would show some much needed progressiveness in picking a woman, and I thought it was a great opportunity to show that it really wasn't about the good ole' boys club - it was about choosing the best person for the job.

    And then she started speaking. It soon became clear that what I had thought was progressive-minded openness by McCain and the GOP was in fact, manipulation of moderate voters. Throwing us a bone, if you will. They have an African American running for President on the left? Well hey - lookie here - we have a WOMAN! A Caribou hunting, outdoor loving, attractive woman!!!!

    They didn't seem to care that her viewpoints, BS and ignorant remarks don't reflect the POV or match the intelligence of the average American female - they just kept putting her out there stupid remark after stupid remark. I kept wondering why McCain couldn't see that his presidential aspirations were being destroyed by "friendly fire", i.e. Sarah Palin.

    Many moderates were completely incredulous at how grossly the republican party underestimated us. A token is a token is a token. For cryin' out loud, don't put a woman on the platform just because she's female and you think voters will be so excited they'll be blind to her credentials or lack thereof. Put a woman on the ticket because she's the best person for the job.

    I would think that the GOP would get by now that Sarah Palin, her offensive behavior, thoughts and big mouth single handedly turned voters AWAY from the Republican party during a time in which conservative government had more of a reason for being than anytime I can remember in my adult life, and our rejection of her is what helped Obama get elected.

    I honestly can't believe that they keep pinning their hopes on her. The smartest thing they could do is disown her and "start from scratch" with someone else. She has done and said so many ridiculous, ignorant and offensive things, that she will NEVER ever be able to convince one undecided voter to come over to the right. Ever. Beyond that, the woman is not a leader. She is a victim of her own making. She wants to play with the big boys, but as soon as the heat comes on, she cries like a little girl, and as a competent and capable woman, it is an embarrassment to our gender.

    Ms. Palin, I am not on the left and I'm not on the right. I'm in the "crosshairs" of dead center, and while I have never seen or viewed myself as a political activist in any way shape or form, if you show up on the next Presidential ticket, you can rest assured that I, and moderate WOMEN voters everywhere will come forward in droves to ensure that you are not elected. It would be an absolute disgrace.

    A leader leads by example, and the example you set forth is a horrible one. A President is one of the last people on earth who can go around like a media whore saying whatever the heck they want and then not be held accountable, whining to whomever will listen. Furthermore, the most powerful women are the ones who are in control of themselves, their actions and their thoughts. Ms. Palin shows no sign if being in control of any of these.

  4. Thank you for your response. It is very interesting to hear from that perspective. The actions of the GOP, in regards to who their figureheads and celebrities are, really perplex me. It seems like they blatantly lie in public and they expect us to believe every word.

    I don't believe Republicans are bad but I think the moderate ones are slowly being pushed out. I used to like McCain and was excited when he won the nomination - especially over Huckabee. I was also liked Romney and voted for Guliani in the primaries (I thought that he would help keep the GOP separated from the religious right)

    You wrote: I honestly can't believe that they keep pinning their hopes on her. The smartest thing they could do is disown her and "start from scratch" with someone else.

    I think the GOP tried to do this shortly after the elections. Remember when they fawned over Bobby Jindal until he gave that ridiculous response to the State of the Union address? He hasn't been looked at the same ever since and now others, like Newt Gingrich, have emerged trying to become the favorite Republican - that is why nobody really bad mouths Sarah Palin, but closer to the election they will turn on each other, like when Hilary and Obama competed in the primaries.

    Sarah Palin would never be able to survive a primary...


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