Saturday, January 1, 2011

Where Has The Big Bad TSA Gone?

Mow that the holidays are over and the new year begun, I noticed something - daily mention of the evil Transportation Security Administration has diminished since its peak before Thanksgiving.  I rarely hear it mentioned on any of the major news channels, as well as right-wing propaganda-pushers Fox News, and have noticed that the frequency of a TSA story on any of the major conservative websites has lessened to a mere trickle.

Fox News had only a couple headlines in the past few weeks - their most recent headline is pretty much a copy of a Washington Post piece from the same day.  Big Government's criticisms of the agency consist of a couple lines here and there in various pieces, with only a couple mentions in the last month. last mentioned the TSA 21 days ago.  The lack of TSA stories was also evident on the sites of broadcasters like ABC, CBS, and MSNBC, and their stories seemed to focus less on how bad the TSA is and more on the measures they were taking to protect travelers, like issuing a warning on thermoses.

Basically, the TSA lost its edge on the front page. Right-wing media drummed up anger over the security agency - especially before holiday travel - and when people lost interest, they moved on. Surveys even showed that a majority of Americans supported the agency. The TSA was just a replacement for another conservative-manufactured story - the "Ground Zero Mosque," which makes you ask the following question: "What ever happened to that controversy?"

I think now would be a perfect time to share my holiday travel experience. During December, I traveled to Lynchburg, Virginia. My experience with the TSA was positive - in every airport I was in, they were friendly but thorough, checking my information and bags. Not once did they make me feel violated. Sure I disliked the inconvenience of having to take off my shoes and remove my accessories so that I may pass the screening process, but that was only a short portion of my travel - I knew that flying involved such procedures.

Those who buy plane tickets only to protest at the airports have an agenda. Why is it that we only hear of problems from certain individuals, such as radio hosts, right-wing bloggers, or conservative news?

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