Tuesday, February 1, 2011

James O'Keefe Contemporary, Lila Rose, Releases ACORN-Style Video About Planned Parenthood

In recent weeks, Planned Parenthood had disclosed to the public that unnamed individuals had entered several of their locations asking questions similar to those asked by conservative activists James O'Keefe and Hannah Giles in their heavily edited videos "catching" ACORN employees supplying advice to a supposed pimp and prostitute on how to evade taxes and traffic underage South American girls.  In these most recent videos targeting Planned Parenthood, the group releasing the videos, Live Action, claimed the Planned Parenthood employees helped cover up a prostitution ring so that prostitutes could receive health services.

Planned Parenthood released a statement detailing its coordination with state and federal authorities, stating that the FBI had been collecting data on atleast one of the individuals claiming to be a sex trafficker.

Live Action was founded by Lila Rose, a one-time accomplice of James O'Keefe - the two targeted Planned Parenthood before, attempting to donate money to the organization for the sole purpose of aborting black babies.  It was during the work aganist Planned Parenthood that James O'Keefe declared that activists had to create their own media and control the news, which is exactly what Rose's organization is doing, following her former partner's footsteps - the only problem being Planned Parenthood, unlike ACORN, was prepared for these traps and notified the media explaining they were the possible victims of anti-abortion activist stings.

Planned Parenthood spokesman Stuart Schear spoke of the stings last week.

"Falsely claiming sex trafficking to health professionals to advance a political agenda is an astoundingly cynical form of political activity," he said.

Despite the media being notified, Rose still released her video, but the video refuses to accept the fact that Planned Parenthood was on to her scheme.  Rose posed the following questions: "Will Planned Parenthood comply with the law," and "will Planned Parenthood help the pimp cover up his sex abuse of underage girls and become a 'partner in crime.'"

We know that since Planned Parenthood contacted authorities, they had decided to "comply with the law," but Rose already had her conclusion before she even recorded her video.

As the video progressed, the Planned Parenthood employee stressed they wanted to help - with medical services, not the prostitution ring - but what is curious is what exactly did Rose expect these employees to do?  Did she expect them to confront the pimp in their offices and perform a citizen's arrest?  Instead, the employees conducted the meeting and then contacted the law.

While Rose and her new accomplices were caught on tape falsley admitting to a crime, since their targets were in New Jersey, unlike the similar ACORN stings, it appears they did not violate the states wire-tapping laws, but it is still uncertain as to what kind of legal action Planned Parenthood may take against the group. 

James O'Keefe wrote the following in regards to the last Planned Parenthood undercover operation he was involved in with Rose:
Leaders taking on power structures need to be raw, confident, fearless and impermeable. Lila received a letter threatening to prosecute the group for violating wiretapping laws, but it did not stop her from continuing the investigation. After the investigation aired nationally on Fox News, Planned Parenthood could no longer press charges, as Lila would appear the victim.
He also stated that even though their methods may be unethical, they consider their beliefs to be morally sound and so their actions are subsequently justified.

Like many other conservative activists, Rose may just as well play the victim card publicly on sympathetic media outlets like Fox News or Andrew Breitbart's websites, and if Planned Parenthood proceeds with any sort of legal action, Live Action may counter by claiming such action is intended to silence them and keep the truth - Live Action's truth - from being aired.

Jed Lewison made the following observation for Daily Kos:
Rose isn't going to get anywhere with her fraud. The only question is which is worse: falsely accusing Planned Parenthood of complicity in a child sex ring or forcing authorities to divert resources from pursuing real crimes while they investigate whether her hoax was, in fact, a hoax. Either way, the only thing her actions accomplish is to further discredit the playbook of clowns like Andrew Breitbart.
He also wondered how long it would take for conservative lawmakers to fall for this latest hoax perpetrated by right-wing activists.


  1. This is interesting considering the GOP trying to redefine what "rape" constitutes. It seems conservatives are attacking abortion on all fronts - sort of a "defund" method.

  2. i watched the entire video. if the employee really felt this man was trying to get her to be an accomplice in an illegal activity in which she did not want to participate, why did she offer advice repeatedly on "getting around" applicable laws and go out of her way to advise him of other resources/business practices. after watching this video i had the distinct impression that at least this planned parenthood staffer did not really care about minors involved in the sex trafficking trade. if she really cared about these girls but wanted to avoid a confrontation in the clinic, why did she not at least tell him she couldn't help him. instead it appears she was a willing accomplice in this supposed sex trafficking of young girls

  3. Another O'Keefe style sting. That office called the cops on them,

  4. mary m - the problem with these sting videos is that they are so unethical, and past videos like the ones by O'Keefe were found to be heavily edited and misrepresentative of the facts, this video, no matter how damning, is instantly discredited.

    It is like the Michael Jackson molestation accusations - assuming Jackson did not molest any children, after the accusations, how many people would trust their children with Jackson? Jackson's career never rebounded. Of course, the "Jackson effect" is what Rose and her accomplices are hoping for, in that Planned Parenthood's public image is damaged beyond repair...

  5. Memo to Planned Parenthood- If you want this crap to stop, next time have your staffer play along, but leave the room for a short time and have someone call the police. Right then and there. Do not wait for them to leave. When the police show up, tell them exactly what was said. The "journalists" will immediately come clean because if they do not, it is obstruction of justice. However, by coming clean, they have to admit what they said. If I am a police officer, I am forced to take the journalists into custody while a check on their story. This may take several days and guess where the "journalists" are? They are in jail. That is right. Every jurisdiction can retain a suspect for up to three days while they investigate a crime. I assure you if this happens, it will be the last time you hear of this nonsense.

  6. I think what is even more damaging is that they fired this employee, giving the impression of guilt - Rose already jumped all over that. It is the ACORN crap all over again.

  7. You are correct, Kevin. According to PP, she reported the incident the same day and the police were called. Unfortunately, PP is trained to render assistance to women and not how to handle fraudulent "journalists" who have one goal in mind; which is to destroy your organization.

  8. Kevin-You need to run over to biggovernment's site. They have an article stating the 16th Amendment was ratified today in 1913 and blame Wilson. The problem is this Amendment was introduced when Taft was president and the Republicans controlled both the Senate and the House. Additionally, Wilson was president elect. He was not sworn in until March, 1913.

  9. Just left the following comment there: "Thank you Republican controlled legislature of 1909, which passed the 16th Amendment... "

    Interestingly enough, the Big Government folks love to tout conservatism, states' rights, and low taxes. I would think the 16th Amendments poses an interesting dilemma for the group of hypocrites, because as you pointed out, the Republicans under Taft created the legislation establishing the income tax, and since it was an amendment to the Constitution, the states had to approve the resolution...

    I bet they won't like my comment much...

  10. You also make an interesting point about the training of PP - they are not trained to deal with faux-journalists. It would be like talking to a Wal-Mart greeter about sex trafficking. They would probably smile and shake their head, but they would most likely (hopefully) contact their immediate supervisor and call the cops as soon as the individual left.

    There was one time I was held up at gun point at the local Albertsons. When the guy informed me he had a gun and would use it, I didn't tell him to hold on while I called the cops - I waited for him to leave and made sure those around me were in no immediate danger before I made the call. Same principle.

    Who is to say this woman (who PP now fired) was playing along with the citizen-propagandists?

  11. There's something about this "sting" that gets my radar pinging. Perhaps it's all the years I spent in law enforcement or perhaps it's just my cynical nature.

  12. What amazed me was ole Fux, was showing this while Egypt burned, Greta Van Sidemouth, talked over her guest last night, then tonight had a supposed "law enforcement agent" who was given free reign to condemn planned parenthood. I'm pretty sure they get the Islam-a-phobia wheel spinning again, oh wait they did. Now if Fux could only tie sharia law to planned parenthood.


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