Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Lila Rose Claims Planned Parenthood's Letter To The Attorney General Another Part Of Their Cover-up

Lila Rose, her organization Live Action, and the right-wing media machine have been pushing real hard to make a piece of pretend-journalism - heavily edited undercover videos showing an alleged "pimp" being "aided and abetted" by a clinic employee - but there is one small problem with the anti-abortion activist narrative being played out on Fox News or the numerous Andrew Breitbart websites - Planned Parenthood contacted local and federal authorities, and the press reported on such contact last month when Planned Parenthood sent a letter to United States Attorney General Eric Holder.

That didn't stop Lila Rose from defending her videos -  in an interview with Lee Stranahan, Rose insists Planned Parenthood contacting authorities is proof that they are trying to cover up systemic illegal activities.
"What Planned Parenthood has done is try to spike Live Action's story, and try to cover up their cover up by confusing and muddling the matter and getting the FBI in this absurd letter to look into Live Action, or to kind of implicate Live Action as somehow, you know, needing-- Live Action needing to be investigated. So what they're doing is what they do classically, what they've been doing over the past four years, which is instead of addressing the institutional cover up in their clinic, instead of addressing that, instead of-- instead of resolving that, they turn to us as the investigative team, or they turn against the, you know, the people that are trying to spread this message and get people aware, and they attack us. So this is just-- This is just another example of how Planned Parenthood's sexual abuse cover up and aiding and abetting of human trafficking is top down."

Why is Lila Rose so intent on taking the focus of the investigation off of her, anyway?


  1. Once again, the next time this happens, PP needs to have someone "cooperate" with the "journalists" and have someone call the police. When the police arrive, the "journalists" will be forced to admit they made some very incriminating statements. If they do not, this is a crime. When they admit they made these statements, the police will have not choice but to place them in custody pending and investigation. All jurisdictions allow the police 72 hours to investigate a crime before they must either file charges or release the suspect. I am hoping the police make a very careful and deliberate investigation and it takes 71 hours, 59 minutes and 59 seconds. Some jurisdictions do not segregate persons being held pending an investigation from the general prison population. Additionally, child molesters, the real or fake are way at the bottom and boy do I mean bottom of the jailhouse pecking order. Therefore, maybe one of these "journalists" will be given the opportunity to spend some real quality time with Bubba.

  2. I have a funny feeling being locked up will have no impact on these people - just look at James O'Keefe and his run-in with the law. He thought it was all a big game. Its like the rich kids who steal cosmetics for fun...

  3. Actually, PP did what Husker suggested. They contacted the FBI to report possible evidence of child sex trafficking. They also said it was likely part of a childish scheme by Lila to try and ACORN them. She does not explain what she wanted the PP personnel to do. Were they supposed to confront the "Pimp"? Arrest him? They notified the authorities. She is just angry because her story got screwed up when they told the cops instead of following her script.

  4. I think Husker meant have them contact the police immediately and have the pretend-journalists/pimp and ho detained and investigates...

  5. They need to contact the police while the "journalists" are there in their building because they will have the taping equipment on them. The police will then ask them if they made the incriminating statements. If they do not admit they did, it is obstruction of justice and the tapes will prove their lies. If they do, the police are in a tight spot. Here you have an admitted child sex trafficker. They will have not choice but to haul them down to the station. I realize how driven these people are. But I do believe that a few nights in jail with Bubba will result in a slight attitude adjustment.

  6. I disagree with your last sentence. I think these people want to be arrested so they can feel like Martin Luther King, Jr. They make enough references to him. I get the impression they feel they are some sort of freedom fighters and that they are willing to go to jail to reveal any injustice...


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