Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Lila Rose's Illegal Drug Use

Update - Unfortunately the original site where these pictures appeared has been taken down.  In communicating with the owner of that site, The Midnight Review was informed that shortly after their site (as well as The Midnight Review) gained attention from Catholic Radio International's Jeff Gardner, there were numerous attempts to access that site causing the site to shut down shortly.  It got up and running after a couple days but then received numerous complaints of content violation (despite containing no vulgar images or libelous information) and was subsequently deleted.

Apparently someone was upset about the questions and pictures presented on that now defunct blog.

The Midnight Review's other Lila Rose post regarding the now-deleted website can be found here.  The image of Lila Rose had been changed since the website containing the original had been taken down.  

Taken from an alleged now-deleted Facebook profile from a friend of Lila Rose (the photograph was once linked to by Rose's public page as well), the included image (click to enlarge) appears to be that of anti-abortion activist Lila Rose holding a bong and looking under the influence of marijuana.

Rose, who is known for being a crusader against Planned Parenthood, recently released videos depicting a pimp receiving information from a Planned Parenthood manager aiding his illegal child prostitution ring.

Despite Planned Parenthood already informing the media that they had contacted local and federal law enforcement, Rose's organization, Live Action, decided to release the videos anyway in an attempt to discredit the organization.

Patrik Jonsson for The Christian Science Monitor wrote the following:
Lila Rose has been called the new face of the antiabortion movement. In fact, she might represent something much more ambitious...

But like her mentor James O'Keefe, a conservative activist who took down community organizer Acorn through a similar video sting in 2009, Ms. Rose has aims that seem to go beyond journalism. The videos, Rose acknowledges, are a weapon, and like Mr. O'Keefe, she is deploying them toward revolutionary ends.

Planned Parenthood is the target of the day. But the ultimate goal of this new generation of right-wing muckrakers is the overthrow of the perceived liberal-leaning mainstream media narrative on touchstone political issues such as guns, racism, and abortion. Rose casts her work in light of the civil-rights movement of the 1960s, and her videos are the tinder for peaceful social insurrection.

"Real social revolutions are basically media revolutions ... and this is a media revolution," says Brian Anse Patrick, author of "Rise of the Anti-Media" and a communications professor at the University of Toledo in Ohio. "There's a battle going on between orthodoxies. What was unthinkable or not discussed – well, here we are, we're talking about it."
Rose, who maintains a holier-than-thou attitude may have found her undoing - a moral crusader who wishes to bring down "liberal" perceptions on controversial topics such as guns, racism, abortion, and drugs, is caught in the act, but chances are the conservative up-and-comer will deny any rumors and claim such damning images are the result of her opponents editing innocent photographs and publishing them without her knowledge.

Because of Rose's extreme advocacy- she had once called for abortions to be performed in the public square - it makes one wonder just what skeletons are she hiding in her closet?  Why is Rose hell-bent on destroying Planned Parenthood?  Prominent conservative moral advocates with such highly public indiscretions come to mind - Larry Craig, Mark Foley, Newt Gingrich, John Ensign, and Mark Sanford to name a few.

Before the anonymous Facebook page was taken down, numerous other images depicting drug use and sexualized behavior were downloaded and saved to various hard drives to be released at a later date.


  1. Poor girl. Exploited by the religious right. She's been drinking too much of their Kool-Aid. She'll crack, they all do.

  2. If her drug use turns out to be true, it would be another case of right-wing extremists not practicing what they preach...

    I think these pictures, as well as the yet released ones need to be circulated around the internet and news.

    Will Rose acknowledge them? Fight them? Challenge their authenticity?

  3. This is all bullshit. That photo is absolutely photoshopped. Its really an evil thing that someone would deliberately create lies to slander such an upstanding person.

  4. Lies like editing the audio in a video to give the appearance that someone said something else, or claiming an organization covered up a crime when they clearly went to authorities?

    I don't care if these photos are "photoshopped" or not because they prove a point. You state that "its really an evil thing that someone would deliberately create lies to slander such an upstanding person." Isn't that what Rose is doing with her videos?

    And who to say the photos above depict "lies?" How do we know Rose is such a perfect, upstanding person? How am I to believe Rose is drug-free, sex-free, abortion-free? I think the purpose of the Lila Rose Is A Hypocrite! blog is that their blog is doing the same thing Rose is doing, accept they are targeting Rose and Live Action, not a group like Planned Parenthood.

  5. It doesn't take an expert to see that photo has been altered. Not just altered by poorly done at that. For posting it as though it is legit you've just ruined whatever credibility you had.

  6. Would you say pushing a heavily edited video as though it was legit in order to ruin an organization a credibility buster too?

    This website does not claim these photos are legitimate ("Taken from an alleged now-deleted website..."). This website simply publishes images and leaves the question regarding the pictures or Lila Rose's personal drug habits for the viewer to decide.

    Sound familiar?

  7. Even if the photos are legitimate....so what?!? As Jesus said, "Let he who is among that is without sin, let him cast the first stone." She is entitled to weigh-in on moral issues, as we all are, is she not? Norma McCorvey (a.k.a. Jane Roe of Roe v Wade) was coaxed into having an abortion that she didn't want that was the basis of the case making abortion legal in the US. Now she has dedicated her life to the Pro-Life Movement. In you world, since she's had an abortion, would she be able to express her opinion? Lila Rose is right, people should see what an abortion looks like up close and personal. I think there should be a TV station broadcasting 24x7. What's the problem with that? Especially if they are so important and that our tax dollars are funding them? No you wouldn't want that, because you could not handle the truth of what an abortion is - murder. It's not a woman's health issue or a women's rights issue, its murder. One day my friend, we shall all stand before God and have to account for our lives - what we did and what we stood up for. I am fearful because I know there are many transgressions I've committed. Whereas you probably don't believe in this....a judgement of your soul. However, people once believed the earth was flat, but their belief did not make it so, and neither will yours. I will say a prayer for you, and you don't want it, that's okay. God will redistribute it to another soul that will. Good luck!

  8. Well, it just makes her seem normal. Most of us have smoked weed before. I think not just abortions, but factory farms should do their work in the public square so everyone can see what happens. The enemy here is willfull ignorance, and cowardace to even become aware of what goes on in our world.

  9. From what I recall from that website that had these, the point they were making was that Lila Rose acts all high and mighty but were questioning her own actions. Whether or not the images or actions were real or fake, she and her buddies seem to believe they should get a pass on their own lives because they believe abortion is bad.


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