Thursday, February 10, 2011

New Lila Rose Photo Released!

Updated May 18th, 2011.

It appears the site, Lila Rose Is A Hypocrite!, has been deleted by Google. Prior to deletion, the site had come under attack from pro-Rose activists who attempted to log into the server. When that failed, they repeatedly reported the website until it was deleted. The website violated zero of Google's Terms of Service.  Goes to show the kind of free speech individuals like Lila Rose want...

Lila Rose-focused blog, Lila Rose Is A Hypocrite!, released another photograph Thursday, depicting Rose on a bed, topless and with her back to the camera, smiling at the photographer.  The image is to racy to show here, but you can view it here.

Previously, the anonymous blog released a photograph showing Rose sitting on the floor with what appears to be a bong.  She looked to be under the influence of marijuana.

While the authenticity of these images is still uncertain, they raise an interesting question - the author of the blog asks: "Why should her videos be validated in the public eye, especially when her projects have been funded by special interest groups and published on highly partisan websites and media channels?"

They also ask why the "photographs, which carry the same weight as a Lila Rose video be given any less attention?"

This is very true - Rose's videos are edited, with the context and true happenings unclear, and the same goes for the photographs, but accepting the hypothesis of the anonymous blog, much like we are expected to accept Rose's Planned Parenthood narrative, then one is expected to believe Rose is a hypocrite who indulges in carnal pleasures and illegal substances while advocating against sex, drugs, and reproductive health.

Rose had also made comments in the past that if people are "caught" being sexually active, they should lose the right to medical privacy.  I think that makes the release of these personal photos highly appropriate, and I'm sure Rose would agree...

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