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Pick Of The Week

Today's installment of Pick Of The Week will feature articles from the past two weeks!

Tuesday, February 8th, 2011

Lila Rose's Illegal Drug Use

New blog Lila Rose Is A Hypocrite! released what appears to either be heavily doctored photographs of Lila Rose with a bong and looking high or just another instance of a right-wing activist turned moral crusader hypocrite, but the blog doesn't seem to care what people think about the photographs, just as long as people look into the life of Lila Rose.

That argument sound familiar?

It should because the blog uses the same argument Lila Rose uses to attack Planned Parenthood.  The blog insists Rose is hiding something and that she should be greatly scrutinized, after all, why should we take her word that Planned Parenthood is evil when Rose was the one who sat on supposed evidence of illegal sex trafficking - Planned Parenthood actually contacted the authorities first but Rose doesn't want you to know that, or believe that means anything, because she wanted to get a scoop on Fox News and Andrew Breitbart's propaganda websites.

Lila Rose Claims Planned Parenthood's Letter To The Attorney General Another Part Of Their Cover-up

In order to stay in control of her smear campaign, Lila Rose had been hard at work trying to make believe Planned Parenthood did something wrong.  While her initial videos are supposed to prove Planned Parenthood aided pimps and prostitutes, Rose later came out claiming that when Planned Parenthood contacted the authorities, such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation, it was all part of a bigger cover-up.

Rose is either so stupid that she believes the FBI will use all their resources investigating her and her fraudulent film crew that they will drop everything else on their plates, or she thinks America is stupid enough to believe that when an organization calls law enforcement, it is only to hide something illegal.  Fortunately, Planned Parenthood contacted the media to let them know of Rose's stings before she could make her official release, and that is probably the real reason she is upping her smear campaign.

Wednesday, February 9th, 2011

GOP Congressman Resigns Over Photographs Sent To Woman Not His Wife

Married Republican Rep. Chris Lee joins the ranks of the sexually promiscuous Republicans who don't practice what they preach.  The GOP is supposed to be the party of family values but that doesn't seem to mean anything anymore - you just have to talk about Christianity and the Constitution in the same sentence to get anywhere in the conservative political world.

Lee supported religious agenda items, like opposing repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell or cosponsoring a resolution reaffirming "In God We Trust" as the official motto of the United States.  Maybe he should have spent his time working on his marriage and staying away from Craigslist...

Friday, Feburary 11th, 2011

Sarah Palin's Show Possibly Subsidized By Government

If anyone was filled with more hypocrisy then Sarah Palin, I would be surprised. Everytime you think Palin topped herself, she does it again, and you'll see later in the Pick Of The Week what I mean.

This time, it was revealed that Sarah Palin's TLC program, Sarah Palin's Alaska, may have received government subsidies to film in Alaska.  This is surprising considering Palin constantly attacking government spending and meddling in the free market, but to her defense, it was state spending, not federal spending, but should that make a difference?  Free markets don't change based on location or convenience, unless you are conservative, of course.

Sunday, Feburary 13th, 2011

Lila Rose Caught "Aiding and Abetting" Child Prostitution Rings

This post was to point out something - Lila Rose claims Planned Parenthood is involved in some cover-up, involving systemic "aiding and abetting" child prostitution rings, and she believes her videos are proof of such wrongdoing, but there are a couple things wrong with her theory - Planned Parenthood contacted authorities nearly a month before Lila Rose did and state officials, such as Kenneth Cuccinelli of Virginia, stated no evidence of wrongdoing was in the videos, although Cuccinelli, who is a conservative, believes there is proof of a willingness to do wrong, but if there was no actual wrongdoing, then who is wrong here?

Tuesday, Feburary 15th, 2011

Big Journalism's "Black Garbage Pail Kid" Problem

Big Journalism's Dana Loesch seemed to take offense to racially charged post on AlterNet, in which Loesch claimed the author, who goes by the pseudonym Chauncy DeVega, called black conservative Herman Cain a "black garbage pail kid," but Loesch seems to fail to understand grammar.

DeVega originally wrote "black garbage pail kid," but then scratched out the "garbage pail kid" part and substituted the word "conservative," so it seems DeVega was really using the phrase to define conservatives.

Loesch also was upset that Chauncy DeVega posts anonymously, but she seems to ignore the fact that many of the Big authors go by pseudonyms (Mr. Wolf, Retracto, Von Losch, Jake Boot, Dutton Peabody, Ace of Spades, Mr. Wrestling IV, Rusty Shackleford, El Cid, Big X).

Sarah Palin Doesn't Understand A Joke, Calls For Retraction From Time!

Much like Dana Loesch, Palin has a problem comprehending the English language - a Time blog apparently referenced a satirical piece making fun of Sarah Palin, but Palin and company seemed to think the blog's joke was serious, and Palin responded by demanding a retraction.

Also, Palin made yet another fool of herself when she made a tweet asking if the Obama administration was going to pressure Iran to change, just as they did with Egypt - all this following over a week of criticizing the administration for not acting strong enough in regards to the Egyptian protests, but since Mubarak had stepped down, Palin seemed to forget her criticisms and move onto the next criticism, and that being America not doing enough to pressure Iran...

Wednesday, Feburary 16th, 2011

Wisconsin Governor Plans On Using More Expensive National Guard To Replace Union Workers

In yet another instance of right-wing teabaggery-gone-wild, conservative Wisconsin governor Scott Walker and his Republican henchmen attempted to ram legislation through the state's chamber, but it wouldn't be in true tea party fashion if there wasn't a twist of crazy - Walker has proposed replacing public workers, like prison guards, with the much more costlier National Guard.

Who is fiscally responsible now?

Friday, February 18th, 2011

Republican Hypocrisy Over Wisconsin Protests

Remember when the tea party protested non-stop for two years against anything proposed by the administration and Republicans urged law makers to heed their calls because it was the voice of the people?

Now that Republicans are in power, that does not seem to be the case - Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker now apparently believes protesting citizens are just a bunch of bully activists who should be ignored.  Walker has also used the protests to rally state Republicans.


Saturday, February 19th, 2011

Sarah Palin's Breastfeeding Hypocrisy

Not to outdo herself, Sarah Palin said something even more stupid then before. In an attempt to maintain he conservative street credentials, Palin jumped on Michelle Obama's recent anti-obesity and child nutrition comments supporting breast feeding, attacking the First Lady and making jokes at her expense, while touting how many children she shot out of her loins, but it turns out that just a couple years ago, when Palin was a nobody outside of her sparsely populated state, Palin made similar proclamations.

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