Sunday, February 6, 2011

Politicalgates: Michele Bachmann's Constitutional Classes: Spring ...

Politicalgates: Michele Bachmann's Constitutional Classes: Spring ...: "Normally when a Republic as great as the United States elects a citizen to a high office, the public expects that person to be politically "fully-developed." Naturally we don't expect to have to give classes to teach them what they should already be familiar with, such as, for example, the laws of the land or the basic principles upon which that republic was founded, namely the Constitution. And we certainly don't expect the American taxpayers to foot the bill for these remedial classes. Yet, apparently Rep. Michele Bachmann thinks that new members of Congress - read, Tea Party members - need some indoctrination into the the extreme far right's world view ..."

This post is very informative and very insightful and a recommended read.

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