Saturday, June 4, 2011

Proof Of Sarah Palin's Manipulation Of The Media

There was a recent post on Politicalgates that I thought was worth sharing regarding Sarah Palin's One Nation bus tour - while Palin's bus tour is supposed to be unconventional, it appears that the media was caught giving Palin a second take when Sarah's daughter Piper wasn't the happy little girl Palin wanted on her publicity stunt.

In this first video, Palin can be seen exiting with an obviously frustrated Piper.

Now watch in the second video(around the 1:53 mark):

Sarah and Piper exit the doors a second time, this time Palin is holding the flowers while Piper holds a water bottle and engages the media enthusiastically.  Sarah also doesn't appear to be as desperate to run and talk to the media the this time around.

While we're at it, I wanted to point out a post from Oz Mudflats that shows some striking similarities between Sarah Palin's bus tour and conservative Australian politician Pauline Hanson's trademarked One Nation brand name.

When will people catch on?


  1. Better yet, the half-term governor sent out a twitter about seeing the "Statute of Liberty" when she was in New York.

  2. You gotta love it. People like Palin complain when Obama may say something and they claim the whole world looks at him with no respect. What do these people think will happen when their president doesn't have a firm grasp of the English language?!

    I haven't had much time to post article recently but I just have to write about Palin's stupidity!


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