Sunday, August 14, 2011

Mike Huckabee Exploits 9/11 For Cash

From The Huffington Post:
Mike Huckabee set pundits ablaze last week when his "Learn Our History: TimeCycle Academy" released an educational animated video for kids about the 9/11 attacks, in time for its 10th anniversary.

Critics mostly aren't happy that the former governor of Arkansas is trying to profit from the deadliest Stateside attack, nor are they pleased that the video associates terrorism to Islam.

"You, probably like me, are frustrated that so many kids don't have a clue about the real American history and how great a country we really have," Huckabee told The 700 Club's Pat Robertson last week, adding that the video aims to show that "American history is very positive, that this is a good country."

A preview of the cartoon shows nearly two minutes of an animated retelling of 9/11 with patriotic maxims, dramatic music and strong portrayals of al Qaeda. At one point, an animated Osama bin Laden throws his hand in the air, proclaiming, "death to the Americans."

The full video costs $9.95 plus shipping and handling, and comes with a money-back guarantee with four gifts. Huckabee co-founded Learn Our History, whose goal is "to make learning history fun for kids," according to the company website.
Here is an idea: Everyone purchase this movie and then take advantage of Learn Our History's return policy.  You get your money back plus you get four free gifts.  Not only would you bog down the corporation's staff while they process your orders and subsequent returns, you would also hit their bottom line because they would have to return your money and give you additional products to compensate for your dissatisfaction.

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