Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Palin States Obvious, Bachmann Quits


The first of many contests for the GOP nomination had came and went but there is no clear winner (Mitt Romney beat Dick Santorum by just 8 points) and this year has seen its first quitter candidate in Michele Bachmann.  Bachmann, who came in sixth in the Iowa caucuses has decided to throw in the towel, or to put it in political speak, she has "suspended" her campaign (most likely to still rake in some cash from gullible donors).  What makes it even funnier is that Fox New's political analyst, the former half-term governor of Alaska and failed vice presidential candidate, Sarah Palin, decided to use her infinite wisdom and state the obvious regarding Bachmann's capability of becoming the next president of the United States.

"Down the road, unless something really turns around for her, I don't see a way to progress her candidacy to become the top tier candidate," Palin said.

You don't say. Palin gets paid millions to point out that the woman who received less than a quarter of the votes the generally-accepted most-unelectable candidate received will have an uphill battle to become one of the "top tier candidates." Palin could have easily just phoned this analysis in while she Googled the results.

If Bachmann (and Gingrich and Perry) were smart, they would throw their support behind not-Romney (because it seems that all conservatives hate Romney) hoping for a cabinet position.  It is my opinion that the best chance the Republicans have for defeating Obama in November would be to help Ron Paul win the election.  Given the choice between Obama and Paul, Republicans would no doubt support Ron Paul and some of his stances, such as his isolationist foreign policy and libertarian philosophies regarding personal freedoms, may resonate with independents not satisfied with the Democrats.  Throw in Paul's famed fan base and you have the makings of a decent candidate just so long he doesn't pick a dumb-as-dog-crap candidate like John McCain had done back in 2008.

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