Friday, April 13, 2012

Bachmann's "Pray Away The Gay" Clinic Caught On Tape

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Recently, a new undercover video has been released by documentary filmmaker Kristina Lapinski, and unlike the schlock released by Project Veritas and criminal propagandist James O'Keefe, this video has a lot of merit in exposing the religious government-subsidized religious clinic operated by once-GOP candidate and current crazy Minnesota representative Michele Bachmann and her believed-to-be-closeted husband, Marcus.

In the video, there is proof that Bachmann's clinic engages in a practice commonly known as "praying the gay away," in which patients are indoctrinated in conservative Christian beliefs that marriage is to only be between a man and a woman.

Lapinski entered the clinic with a back story describing herself as a lesbian engaged to her male friend to make her Christian parents happy. Lapinski recalled the experience for a blog on Gay U.S.A.:
"She asked if I believed in God, and I answered, 'yes.' She pulled out a bible, handed it to me and asked me to read a passage out loud. It was about love, and then she asked me to analyze it with her. We talked about love and commitment, and even though I have never been attracted to my fiancé, the commitment, she noted, was a form of love.

She told me to follow God’s road. 'The Bible says one man one woman…two great halves come together….' and then spoke to some extent about a woman's duty to keep the man company…I found that oddly sexist...

She talked a lot about submitting to God, giving my life path over to him and letting him direct the way. She told me if I wanted to be happy I could “give my problems to the Lord and he could take them away.”

We ended the session with a prayer and Sheila J. Marker asked the Lord to take away my 'desire' and allow me to pursue a relationship with my fiancé."
With these not-so-unexpected revelations, and considering the push from religious extremists in recent years, whether teaching the bible in public schools or allowing evolution to be taught with the same level of credence as mythology, this exposure should be enough to motivate Americans not only to the polls but to engage in healthy discourse with their elected officials.

Did you know that the Bachmanns have received government subsidies for their clinic?

Now is the time to stand up and defend the wall of separation of church and state before the church builds their own wall to imprison everyone who stands in their way.

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