Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Clinton Campaign Colluding With State Parties

It has recently been uncovered by local newspapers that Colorado's state Democratic party miscounted caucus election results shorting Bernie Sanders delegates. This wasn't the real controversy though. What was alarming was that the state party alerted the Clinton campaign five weeks ago but not the Bernie Sanders campaign and neither came forward until confronted by journalists.

What makes this matter even more interesting was that similar events took place in Nevada during the state convention when members of the credentials committee were communicating with the Clinton campaign but not the Sanders campaign causing a revolt with both sides levying accusations of cheating with Clinton supporters attempting to trespass and arrest members who sought neutral workings within the party.

There is also reports of Clinton campaign or supporter misconduct involving the Iowa caucuses and the party's refusal to do a recount and Bill Clinton's disregard for electioneering laws and the establishment's blind eye towards his actions and you have a pattern of collusion between Hillary Clinton's campaign and the Democratic party.

While some superdelegates and media outlets are waking up now that Trump is beginning to falter and Clinton's coronation does not appear to be as certain now, these actions are rather troublesome and probably do more to bolster Sanders' claims and invigorate his supporters than aNY speech the candidate may give. 

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