Friday, April 26, 2019

Ukranian Collusion Attack to Drag Biden, Clinton

With the Democratic field growing every day, Republicans are having a hard time keeping up with their attacks. While each candidate have various policy positions that could be criticized in one way or another, it seems that a few of the candidates have risen to the top drawing the attention of prominent Republicans, conservative publications, and even the president himself, one such front-runner being Joe Biden.

One interesting line of attack, if one would call it that, ropes Ukrainian operatives, Hillary Clinton and her campaign, the American embassy and sympathetic FBI agents, and even Joe Biden and his son, Hunter.

Here is one article from The Hill that details the allegations, the timing being very suspect being this has now started to come to light as Biden has been teasing a run for president these last few weeks (and eventually announcing in late April).

It is almost certain the attacks will only get worse when also taking into consideration the release of the Barr report of the Mueller report. 

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